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Eric Bischoff is Married to Wife: Loree Bischoff.

Image of Eric Bischoff with his wife, Loree Bischoff

Eric Bischoff has always been behind the scene in many sports entertainment productions. As a pioneer in the field, he has gathered experience and knowledge, bringing him success everywhere he ventures in the business, from World Championship Wrestling to World Wrestling Entertainment.

He was introduced to the sports-entertainment industry when he hosted AWA’s shows on ESPN in the late 1980s. When the 1990s hit, Bischoff found new ways to continue his career since the AWA was on the brink of leaving the business. 

Later, he shifted to World Championship Wrestling in 1991 as WCW’s weekly television show host. He was then promoted as the WCW executive producer. At the time, he had assisted several wrestlers to rise to fame, including Hulk Hogan. 

He had also done incredible work at the company, including the innovative WWE’s annual pay-per-view events like Raw Roulette and Elimination chamber. He was honored to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

As of current, Bischoff is a podcast host, television producer, professional wrestling booker, on-screen personality, and an American entrepreneur. Also, after serving as WCW’s for years, he is now its Senior Vice President and WWE’s Raw Brand General Manager. 

Is Eric Bischoff married? Who is he wedded to? Learn more by reading the article below.

Eric Bischoff has been Married to Wife Loree Bischoff since 1984

Image of Eric Bischoff with his wife, Loree Bischoff
Eric Bischoff with his wife, Loree Bischoff

Eric Bischoff was very blessed to have been married to Loree Bischoff. Having been married for three decades, this couple is meant to be for each other. 

Throughout the years of marriage, there have been many ups and downs, but Eric Bischoff’s wife, Loree, continued to stay by his side no matter what. At their age, they are now enjoying each other’s company and being a role model to the younger generation.

Loree Bischoff’s Biography

Loree Bischoff is not only Eric Bischoff’s wife; She is also an actress, life coach, nutritionist, and award-winning author. She was also a former playboy model in the 2005 Playboy: Hottest Housewives.

One of her accomplished works as an award-winning author is her two published books: The

Foodprint Plan and the Common Sense Happiness. If you seek life advice, you can subscribe to her coaching service or tune in to her podcast, “We’re Talking Shift.”

You can see more information about Loree Bischoff on her blog page Loree Bischoff

Eric Bischoff’s Past Relationships 

Before Loree Bischoff became Eric Bischoff’s wife, Eric was first married to Kimberly Bowman in 1977. The pair have their fair share of happy memories together but decided to end the marriage three years later. 

Later, he met the former General Manager of RAW, Loree, and has been happily married since 1984. The couple currently owned multiple estates in Wyoming, Arizona, Connecticut, and California. 

Eric Bischoff’s Kids

Garett Bischoff is Eric and Loree Bischoff’s son, who followed the footsteps of his dear dad. Under the ring name Jackson James, Garett became a part of TNA Wrestling in 2010. Later, he became a referee at Turning Point before fighting with his real name in the ring. They also have a daughter Montana Bischoff, but little is known about her. 

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