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Eduin Cazares is Married to Wife: Daisy Anahy. Kids.

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Image of Eduin Cazares with his wife, Daisy Anahy

Born and raised in Mexico, singer Eduin Cazares continues to rise in fame under the group “Grupo Firme.” As a young artist, he is versatile and active on social media platforms like Tiktok and Instagram.

He is well known for his songs El Toxico, Yo Ya No Vuelvo Contigo, and El Amer No Fue Pa Mi. He was recognized on the red carpet of the Premio Lo Nuestro awards last year. 

He already had a keen interest in music at a young age, for he started singing songs when he was still in high school. His career then launched after leaving his hometown for Tijuana, Mexico.

While pursuing music, he met Joaquin Ruiz, a music artist at the time, then proceeded as the guitarist of Grupo Firme. Together, they have made projects and bands like the Reto Sierreño and Aventado2 de Tijuana, which disbanded after several gigs in bars and shows.

Later, they agreed with Music VIP Entertainment, who was a big part in launching their debut album “Pasado, Presente, Futuro” in April 2017. In the years hereafter, they have released multiple albums like Viva Mexico, Nos Divertimos Logrando Lo Imposible, and En Vivo Desde Anaheim, California, earning them a Grammy Latinos award and a Premios Juventud honor.

Last year, their popular song Ya Supreme joined the October Billboard Hot 100 chart. They also received five accolades at Premio Lo Nuestro and three more honors during the Premios Juventud

Is Eduin Cazares a married man? Who is he wedded to? Keep reading the article below to learn more.

Eduin Cazares has been Married to Wife, Daisy Anahy, since 2015

Image of Eduin Cazares with his wife, Daisy Anahy
Eduin Cazares with his wife, Daisy Anahy

High school sweethearts that stay together are rare; what Eduin Cazareswife has with his partner is genuinely something precious. Eduin Cazares’ wife, Daisy Anahy, has been his true love ever since they got together when they were 16.

When they started dating, they knew they were made for each other. Even having different personal lives and careers, they knew they were meant to last forever and eventually tied the knot in 2015 after almost six years of dating.

After being together for 12 years, they, too, have their ups and downs. Daisy Anahy posted a Tiktok saying that she took revenge on her husband by maxing out his credit card in shopping.

In the caption, she cleared any misunderstandings about what she had done and that he hadn’t cheated on her or anything terrible. 

Daisy Anahy’s Biography

Eduin Cazares’ wife, Daisy Anahy, eventually made a name for herself by becoming an influencer with the help of his husband’s rising fame. She regularly shows her daily activities and cherishable moments on her social media accounts. 

She finished her studies at the University of Tijuana and is particularly interested in pole dancing. She still appreciates the dance, including in some of her performances. 

Eduin Cazares’ Past Relationships 

Eduin Cazares is loved by many, but only one who has captured his heart, and that is no other than his wife, Daisy Anahy. Since the couple started dating at a young age, he was not affiliated with anybody than his wife, and no news of affairs was circulating. 

Eduin Cazares’ Kids

Image of Eduin Cazares with his wife, Daisy Anahy, and their kids, Eduin Garrido and Dhasia Geraldine
Eduin Cazares with his wife, Daisy Anahy, and their kids, Eduin Garrido and Dhasia Geraldine

Eduin Cazares and Daisy Anahy’s love story is a story one dreams of. In the same year, they united in matrimony and were blessed with a baby boy named Eduin Garrido.

Then, after five years, they welcomed their baby girl named Dhasia Geraldine into the family. 

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