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Eduin Caz is Married to Wife: Daisy Anahy. Kids.

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Image of Eduin Caz with his wife, Daisy Anahy, and their kids, Eduin Gerardo and Dhasia Geraldine

Many aspiring musicians became successful in making a name for themselves through producing great music, and one of them is Eduin Caz. After being identified as a talented Mexican singer and famous media personality, he rose to fame.

The professional Mexican singer was born in Tijuana, Mexico, on July 30, 1994, and is now 27. He has been active on social media platforms and reached 6.9 million followers, who he influenced on his Instagram account.

He released many songs, including Hablando Claro, En Tu Perra Vida, Se Fue La Pantera, and De Trago en Trago. The professional singer is also the founder of the famous band Grupo Firme, which won various awards like Premios Juventud, Premio Lo Nuestro, Latin Grammy Awards, and IHeartRadio Music Awards.

Undoubtedly, Eduin is a talented singer and has good looks, which made people wonder if he is still available or has found a partner who enjoys his music. Keep reading this article because we have all the information you need regarding Eduin Caz’s wife, partner, love life, and children.

Eduin Caz has been Married to Wife, Daisy Anahy, since 2015

Image of Eduin Caz with his wife, Daisy Anahy
Eduin Caz with his wife, Daisy Anahy

Social media platforms have witnessed Eduin Caz’s skill in singing for his band, which sparked some questions on whether he is available to date. People wanted to know who Eduin Caz’s wife was and if she was doing an excellent job as the professional singer’s partner.

Caz has been the topic of several rumors on the internet after appearing on Grupo Firme’s YouTube account. He is undoubtedly an attractive man, and with his singing skills, women wanted to date him and be his partner for the rest of their lives.

Unfortunately, for women who want to be the singer’s wife, Eduin is unavailable as he is married to his beautiful wife. Fans, especially ladies, were saddened by the news since they wanted to have a chance to date and get to know Eduin more.

Moreover, only one thing is sure, Eduin Caz’s wife would not let other women steal her husband. The couple dated for a few years before deciding that they wanted to build a family and be happily married.

According to sources, the couple’s first meeting was when they were still in high school, and they were sweethearts on the campus. If people count their relationship as a couple, Eduin Caz’s wife and the singer have been together for more than ten years.

Fans admire the couple’s commitment to each other, they went through several problems and downfalls, but they did not let these hinder building a healthy family. Eduin Caz’s wife did not want to depend on her husband’s fame and started to build a name for herself.

Eduin Caz’s wife is focused on being a hands-on mother and often shares how she takes care of her family on social media platforms. Furthermore, Eduin is working and ensures that he gives a stable life to his wife and children.

There was no information released regarding the wedding details of the couple. Our team will update this article once the pair have decided to disclose information about their special day.

Daisy Anahy’s Biography

Daisy Anahy is Eduin Caz’s stunning wife, and she is starting to rock the world of Instagram. Anahy is a celebrity spouse, but she also does more as she is a social media influencer who gained 2.6 million followers on her Instagram account.

Eduin Caz’s wife was born in Mexico on September 27, 1993, and is now 28. She often posts pictures and videos about her family and how she achieved a sexy body in a few months.

Daisy primarily focuses on sharing her lifestyle and fitness journey with her followers. Aside from making an impact on Instagram, Anahy also created a TikTok account which quickly gathered 2.2 million followers and 10.4 million likes.

Indeed, she is a famous influencer that does not depend on her husband’s popularity and attention from the crowd. A fun fact about her is that she was seen giving a pole dancing performance at Dragon Dance Academy.

Eduin Caz’s Kids

Image of Eduin Caz with his wife, Daisy Anahy, and their kids, Eduin Gerardo and Dhasia Geraldine
Eduin Caz with his wife, Daisy Anahy, and their kids, Eduin Gerardo and Dhasia Geraldine

Due to the couple’s blossoming relationship, Eduin Caz’s wife gave birth to two children. They are Eduin Gerardo and Dhasia Geraldine.

Eduin Gerardo was born on July 3, 2015, and Dhasia Geraldine on August 10, 2020. The couple shows their love for their children by sharing their pictures on their Instagram handles.

In an Instagram post by Daisy, she greeted everyone with a Feliz Navidad containing their family picture. Indeed, the family portrays a healthy family status and inspires other parents to be hands-on with their children.

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