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Edu Manzano is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Cherry Pie Picache

Image of Edu Manzano with his partner, Cherry Pie Picache

If you are a Filipino, someone that resides in The Philippines, or just someone that consumes Filipino media and entertainment, then there’s a possibility that you know Edu Manzano. He is a Fil-Am star, famous in The Philippines, and often seen on modern-day game shows, classic Filipino movies, and TV shows.

Born Eduardo Barrios Manzano, he was born in the United States, most specifically in the golden city of San Francisco, California, but has spent most of his time in The Philippines. Aside from being an actor and movie star, he is also a comic and a political figure in the country, with a record of being a Vice Mayor in one of the major cities known as Makati.

Moreover, he is also known to be a game master, with shows such as “Pilipinas, Game KNB?” and “Asar Talo Lahat Panalo!” major appearances where he served as the game host. He is undoubtedly an incredible actor, but for many people who are not aware, he also served as a United States Air Force veteran during the Vietnam War.

As many celebrities in The Philippines would do when they are not as prominent anymore, he ran for a local position in 2019 as San Juan’s representative but lost to his opposition. Nowadays, he appears as Don Freddie Estrella on A Family Affair and Henry Del Rosario on Flower of Evil, both of which are shown under the ABS-CBN Kapamilya Network.

Keep reading to know more about Edu Manzano’s wife, his marriage, and his family!

Edu Manzano is not Married to Wife. Dating girlfriend: Cherry Pie Picache

Image of Edu Manzano with his partner, Cherry Pie Picache
Edu Manzano with his partner, Cherry Pie Picache

As many Filipinos would be surprised to hear, the star is dating an actress with a remarkable history and legacy in the country known as Cherry Pie Picache. Although Edu Manzano’s wife has been passed on from two previous relationships he had before, a lot of people are hoping that this might be the last and forever one.

When the couple started seeing each other, rumors started popping up stating that the two movie stars were allegedly seeing each other. Fortunately, the two later confirmed in 2021 that they are indeed dating, and hopefully, we can call Cherry Pie Edu Manzano’s wife shortly.

Cherry Pie Picache’s Biography

Image of Cherry Pie Picache
Cherry Pie Picache is a well-established Filipino actress. She has been making headlines with her movies, telenovelas, and telescopes.

Known for her wicked ploys and murderous characters on national TV and on the big screen, Cherry Pie Picache is an incredible actor that can change her portrayal from sweet to evil. She first started acting back in the 90s and is still landing continuous roles in more modern and recent flicks such as Jack Em Popoy: The Puliscredibles and Marry Me, Marry You.

Although she is known for being heartless in the movies and TV shows that she is often cast on, her real-life personality is the opposite of her media characters. For many Filipinos, she is remarkable for being able to face the man who brutally murdered her mother, hug him, and forgive him for the atrocity he brought into her life.

Edu Manzano’s Previous Relationships

Image of Maricel Soriano
Maricel Soriano is a well-known Filipino actress. She has been known for her work in movies, soap operas, and telenovelas up to this day.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the title Edu Manzano’s wife has been passed on from two women in the past, both of which are also remarkable actresses and movie stars. His first wife is no other than House Deputy Speaker and actress Vilma Santos, to whom he was wedded for two years, between 1980 and 1982.

Afterward, he married “The Diamond Star” actress named Maricel Soriano in the year 1989. Unfortunately, the two would also go on their paths and separate just two years after, in 1991.

The star would also have a relationship with ex-model and actress Rina Samson, bringing birth to two of the star’s children.

Edu Manzano’s Kids

Mr. Manzano is the proud father of three wonderful kids, namely Luis “Lucky” Manzano, Addie Manzano, and Enzo Manzano. His firstborn is Luis and was conceived when he was with Vilma Santos.

His daughter Addie and son Enzo would later be conceived when he was in a relationship with Rina.

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