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Edi Gathegi is Married to Wife: Adriana Marinescu. Kids

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Image of Edi Gathegi with his wife, Adriana Marinescu

One of the most famous books turned movie series, Twilight, has featured Edi Gathegi as Laurent. Even so, the actor in the movie was not given enough screen time.

Because of this, fans are demanding more of the actor’s exposure by narrating his character’s backstory. The prominent actor was commended for his brilliant villain portrayal in the movie Gone Baby Gone and the series, The Blacklist.

His appearance in the aforementioned screenplays made the aura more villainous and effective. According to reports, the actor was an undergraduate at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

He got interested in playing basketball but injured his knee which inflicted depression upon him. Because of the basketball injury, he got himself to acting class as a coping mechanism which unraveled his interest in acting.

Eventually, for his graduate school acting program, he enrolled at the Tisch School of Arts at New York University.  His debut film as an actor is the movie Crank wherein he portrayed the role of a Haitian Cabbie 2006.

The prominent actor is one of the regular casts of the series “For All Mankind Season 3: Blacklist.” Are you curious about Edi Gathegi’s wife, marriage, and children?

Continue reading to find out more about him. 

Edi Gathegi has been Married to Adriana Marinescu since 2018

Image of Edi Gathegi with his wife, Adriana Marinescu
Edi Gathegi with his wife, Adriana Marinescu

Being a well-known actor, Edi Gathegi has garnered a huge fanbase with lots of people hoping to have him as their lover. However, he likes to keep his relationship status private and away from the limelight to avoid unwanted dramas. 

Edi Gathegi has been married to his wife, Adriana Marinescu since 2018. According to reports, they have been dating for three years already before making their relationship known in public. 

Despite announcing one specific detail about his life, Edi Gathegi’s wife continues to live a peaceful and harmonious life with her husband by living lowkey. They are currently settling in Los Angeles, California in the United States. 

 Adriana Marinescu’s Biography

Edi Gathegi’s wife, Adriana Marinescu, is reportedly a dancer and a model. She was born in Romania but continued her life ventures in the United States.

Based on the dancer’s Instagram, she is fond of traveling and has traveled to several places such as New Mexico, Kenya, and Puerto Rico. Details about Edi Gathegi’s wife are not publicly available.

Given this, Edi makes sure to publicly announce his love for his spouse on his Instagram account. 

Edi and Adriana’s Kids

Based on the couple’s social media accounts, they do not have a kid yet. This article will be updated once information is available. 

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