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Eddie Cahill is Married to Wife: Nikki Uberti. Kids.

Image of Eddie Cahill with his wife, Nikki Uberti

One of the finest American actors in the show business industry, Edmund Patrick Cahill, is most known for his nickname, Eddie Cahill. His name is best known for the comedy television series Friends. This sitcom was one of the popular shows, so who would not be familiar with the good-looking Eddie Cahill?

Let us look at the time before Eddie Cahills name became big. He began the industry path when he became a part of theater plays and eventually made a debut acting behind the camera in 1999 in the show Gramercy Park is Closed to the Public in the role of Dex.

His career as an actor continued until many offers came to him. His acting in Hollywood continued until he got a chance to star in the famous show Friends from 2000 to 2001. His name became even the town’s talk when he appeared in Miracle, a movie from 2004.

He has appeared in numerous television shows, including CSI: NY from 2004 to 20013, Under the Dome from 2014 to 2015, L.A.s Finest in 2019, and much more. Through the years, he proved good acting skills and that he is indeed a talented one. The people have his motivation to continue; without the fans who believed in him, he is not standing at the top now.

Who is Eddie Cahill’s Wife? Discover more about his personal and romantic life in the article below.

Eddie Cahill has been Married to Wife Nikki Uberti since 2009

Image of Eddie Cahill with his wife, Nikki Uberti
Eddie Cahill with his wife, Nikki Uberti

Let us learn who might be Eddie Cahills wife. She is a former model, actress, and makeup artist, Nikki Uberti.

He dated his beautiful partner for nine years; it was indeed a long and beautiful time. Their deep relationship eventually ended up in the aisle, where they promised to be together for their entire life.

Their marriage was intimate, and only their family and close friends got to attend. The couples vows exchange happened at Silverlake on July 12, 2009.

Eddie Cahill’s Past Relationships

For sure, people are curious about the relationship history of Eddie Cahill; however, he remains rather discreet when it comes to questions such does he had a woman before marrying his current partner or not.

In the meantime, Eddie Cahills focus is on his career and current spouse. It appears that he has no interest in speaking up about this matter.

Nikki Uberti’s Biography

Let us move the spotlight to Eddie Cahills wife. The stunning Nikki Uberti was born in Albania, USA.

Before becoming the wife of Eddie Cahill, many faces already recognize her for her appearance in numerous films and video games like Metal Gear Solid 4L Guns. She was also a proud breast cancer survivor.

In addition, Eddie Cahill is not her first husband. She was married once; her ex-husband’s name is Terry Richardson. They married in 1996; unfortunately, after three years, they decided to file a divorce.

The reason for parting ways is not revealed! For now, Nikki Uberti is happily married to her current husband.

Eddie Cahil’s Kids

Image of Nikki Uberti with her son, Henry Cahill
Nikki Uberti with her son, Henry Cahill

Eddie Cahill and Nikki Urbeti are blessed with a son named Henry Cahill. Their child was born in 2010, soon after the couple exchanged vows. As of 2022, Henry Cahill has already turned 12 years old.

Further details regarding their beloved and only son remained in the back of the medias spotlight. Not publicizing their son must be their way of protecting their son’s privacy. We will stay focused on the couple until they reveal relevant information about their only child.

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