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Eddie Bravo is Married to Wife: Lux Kassidy. Kids.

Image of Eddie Bravo with his son, Draco Lee

If you are an avid listener of the number one podcast on almost all streaming platforms known as The Joe Rogan Experience, then hearing the name Eddie Bravo is not new for you. Famed to be a martial arts practitioner, musician, fellow comedian, fighter, and podcaster of no other than Joe Rogan.

Born Edgar A. Bravo, he became recognized on the internet through his nickname Eddie which Joe and other colleagues and staff almost always call him. Although it started as a name just referred to him by the people closest, he began to embrace the fame and the fact that strangers on the internet called him that.

He often appears on Rogan’s Podcast and is always liked by people, especially on topics such as comedy and martial arts, where he is an expert. Like his fellow podcaster, he had fought with other fighters in the ring before and showed the world that he is not all talk when it comes to being face to face with other experts.

In addition to being a constant fighter, he established the Eddie Bravo Invitational and its subsidies, a tournament that revolves around grappling and martial arts. His competition would later be recognized by the biggest martial arts league in the world, known as the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and became a favorite with UFC fans.

Reading this article to learn the life and love story of martial expert Eddie Bravo. Who is Eddie Bravo’s wife?

Eddie Bravo has been Married to his wife Lux Cassidy since 2012

Image of Eddie Bravo with his wife, Lux Kassidy, and their son, Draco Lee
Eddie Bravo with his wife, Lux Kassidy, and their son, Draco Lee

When thinking about the partners of acclaimed martial arts contenders and experts, one could assume that their wives also share the same physique and interest in their field. Well, what usually happens is the exact opposite, which also applies to the life of Eddie Bravo’s wife and him.

A lovely couple for many years before tying the knot in 2012, Eddie Bravo’s wife and he had already developed an enormous sense of love and affection towards each other before their marriage. Fortunately, there are no controversies or rumors regarding the love birds’ married life, and they are now enjoying a decade of being husband and wife this 2022.

Eddie Bravo’s Previous Relationships

There has been an unpleasant stereotype regarding martial artists and their romantic relationships, with people often labeling them as cheaters and unfaithful partners. However, this may not be the case for our favorite martial arts practitioner.

This is because there are no reports of past partners he had throughout their loving marriage and relationship. Even before meeting his loving wife, Mr. Bravo is not believed to have been in other romantic relationships.

Lux Cassidy’s Biography

As we mentioned earlier, Eddie Bravo’s wife, Lux Cassidy, does not work in the same field as her husband. She is known to be an actress, model, and office administration authority, among many other ventures she did before.

Although there is not a lot of information regarding her life, it is believed that she worked with Playboy TV in 2008 when they produced the show “The Naked View.” Not to mention her modeling journey with the renowned wellness brand Fantasy Fitness during her career’s height.

Eddie Bravo’s Kids

Image of Eddie Bravo with his son, Draco Lee
Eddie Bravo with his son, Draco Lee

The couple is glad to announce that they have a child of their own who is named Draco Lee. He was born the same year his parents got married and lives comfortably with his well-off and successful parents.

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