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Eddie Alvarez is Married to Wife: Jamie Alvarez. Kids

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Image of Eddie Alvarez an American Mixed Martial Artist and MMA fighter

Prominently known as The Underground King, Eddie Alvarez, is a mixed martial arts fighter under the management of ONE championship. He declared that he fought more or less 100 unauthorized fights before rising into stardom. 

The professional mixed martial artist was born and nurtured in Philadelphia. He made a name for himself by participating in Lightweight and Welterweight fights. 

According to reports, he has won over 30 of his 40 fights. Among the reported 30 wins, 17 are announced to be a knockout. 

In 2003, Alvarez debuted his career in the Ring of Combat 5. His first-ever loss was to Nick Thompson in 2006, which broke his 10-0 professional record. 

His loss to the highly regarded welterweight fighter, Thompson, took a great toll on him. His weight dropped to 155 pounds because of his setback. 

As a comeback, he continued to improve in his craft and fought in the 2008 DREAM Lightweight Grand Prix. He defeated his opponents, namely Andre Amade, Tatsuya Kawajiri, and Joachim Hansen. 

His victory against Kawajiri and Hansen brought him to fame because it was intense from the start until the end. After his rise to stardom, he lost to Shinya Aoki, thus contended for the Bellator Lightweight Championship for redemption. 

Are you curious about Eddie Alvarez’s wife, marriage, and kids? Continue reading to find out more. 

How the Couple Met Each Other

Image of the MMA fighter and Mixed Martial Artist with his wife Jamie Alavarez
MMA fighter and Mixed Martial Artist with his wife, Jamie Alvarez

The first encounter between Eddie and his wife, Jamie, was during a high school dance. The MMA fighter was sitting in a corner, and he happened to see his future love and wife. 

According to Eddie’s statement, the encounter during the high school dance was only brief. He also added that the night’s party stirred their relationship into something. 

Eddie Alvarez’s wife realized that they were destined to be with each other when they used fake IDs to enter clubs together. After the encounter, they hung out more often. 

Jamie possessed a car back in the day; hence she was the one who fetched Eddie. From there on, they started to know each other deeply. 

The MMA fighter’s then-girlfriend stayed when he had nothing, so she deserves to have everything. Jamie made sure to be there for the first professional fight with her then-boyfriend. 

Eddie and his wife, Jamie, tied the knot in 2008. Since then, they have been living happily together. 

About Jamie Alvarez

Jamie Alvarez, Eddie Alvarez’s wife, is a stay-at-home mom. She is the one responsible for taking care of their children. 

According to reports, she studied at St. Hubert Catholic School, an all-girls academy. Details about Eddie Alvarez’s wife are not disclosed to the public since they want to live a private and lowkey life. 

Kids of Jamie and Eddie Alvarez

Image of the Kids of the UFC fighter Eddie Alvarez
Kids of the UFC fighter Eddie Alvarez

Starting their relationship early, Jamie and Eddie had their first child at 20. Back then, the well-known fighter was not as enthusiastic about his craft as he currently is. 

Alvarez used to be an employee, thus striving hard to make ends meet for his new family. Due to financial restraints, their firstborn, Eddie Alvarez Jr., did not experience the luxury of life at a young age. 

By 2008, the fighter was making a name for himself through underground fights, hence the nickname, The Underground King. They earned enough money to extend their family, thus bringing their second and third child into this world.

Finally, after three sons, Eddie Alvarez’s wife gave birth to a girl named Aniston. 

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