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Ed Mylett is Married to Wife: Kristianna Mylett. Kids

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Image of Ed Mylett with his wife, Kristianna Mylett

Ed Mylett is an inspirational speaker, businessman, author, and business coach. He uses his past experiences to motivate people who want inspiration in their life.

The author’s birthplace was discovered to be California. His family consists of his mother, father, and three younger sisters.

He was known to be an athletic type of guy. He has played baseball for the NCAA division pacific tigers.

The businessman used to dream of being a professional athlete but did not push through due to an injury. The injury cost him his dream, which made him depressed.

To recover from the fallback, his father introduced him to charity. This sparked something inside the motivational speaker, and started a business to help those underprivileged.

Are you curious about Ed Mylett’s wife? Continue reading to learn more about him, including information about his marriage and kids in this Wikipedia-type article.

Ed Mylett is Married to Kristianna Mylett.

Image of Ed Mylett with his wife, Kristianna Mylett
Ed Mylett with his wife, Kristianna Mylett

Because of his fantastic story of success, it is a wonder whether Ed is already committed to a relationship. According to records, he is currently married to Kristianna Mylett.

Their marriage was known to be on the 2nd of August 1997. They were known to be dating for a long time.

According to sources, the couple shares a vision that they would not work for someone else. Due to this, they brainstormed and thought of ideas on how to work their way to success.

Nothing much is known with regards to Ed Mylett’s wife. However, they were discovered to be living lowkey alongside inspiring people as their profession. 

Ed Mylett’s Kids

Image of Ed Mylett with his wife, Kristianna Mylett, with their kids
Ed Mylett with his wife, Kristianna Mylett, with their kids

The couple has been married for over two decades. Despite their hectic schedule, they had the time to create a beautiful family.

According to sources, they have two wonderful children. The lovely couple did not disclose anything about their children because they wanted them to grow normally.

The people are looking forward to when Ed Mylett’s wife would reveal details about their children in public. However, fans expressed their support regarding the decision of the couple.

Kids with proud parents are surely fortunate to have such brilliant and diligent parents. They would surely benefit from their father’s wisdom and hard work.

As of this moment, they were reportedly going with their father when doing charity works. Ed Mylett is teaching them the value of life through immersion. 

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