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Dusty Slay is Married to Wife: Hannah Hogan Slay. Kids.

Image of Dusty Slay with is wife, Hannah Hogan Slay, and their daughter

Netflix is bringing in a new wave of comedians and their featured stand-up gigs on various hour-long shows, and Dusty Slay is one of those rising comics the company is featuring. Known for his appearance on Netflix’s The Standups, which is already on its 3rd season, the stand-up artist has caught the attention of many by the way his accent relates to people.

A long hair, a southern country accent, glasses, and a baseball cap to accompany his hilarious acts sell the entire show, with people having a good time listening to his stories. However, not to the attention of many who recently heard of him, he has always been an underground comic with side gigs from here and there.

When Netflix featured him on their show, people loved it because many had already been fans of him, and the streaming giant had just opened a new door for him. His audience and fanbase are slowly growing as the day passes, and many fans are hoping that this is not the end of his featurettes with the streaming company but rather the start of many more.

In addition to The Standups, the artist appeared in two of the most famous late-night talk shows on national television, Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. We might see more of him in the years to come, thanks to the spotlight that the streaming platform shone on his life and career.

Keep reading to know more about Dusty Slay’s wife, his marriage, and his kids.

Dusty Slay was Married to his Wife, Hannah Hogan, before 2018

Image of Dusty Slay with is wife, Hannah Hogan Slay
Dusty Slay with his wife, Hannah Hogan Slay

A wholesome and hilarious personality is rightfully accompanied by someone that understands him on the same playing field that he is working on and is an expert on. Dusty Slay’s wife is no other than a fellow comedian and actress named Hannah Hogan.

The beginning of the beautiful couple is not discussed and is not available for everyone’s knowledge on the internet since they do not talk about this particular subject. However, people believe that since the lovebirds are both working as comics, it is possible that their love story began when they were doing shows and gigs.

They tied the knot a little while back before Dusty Slay’s wife Hannah, and he first made their appearance on mainstream media as a happily wedded couple.

Dusty Slay’s Previous Relationships

No matter how talkative and oversharing the comedian is, there is little to no information on whether or not he had any romantic relationships before meeting his wonderful wife.

Hannah Hogan Slay’s Biography

Dusty Slay’s wife, Hannah Hogan, is a talented woman with a reputation that shouldn’t be underestimated because she is a comedian, actress, and writer for TV. She graduated from Humber College in Canada with a degree in Acting for Film, Television, and Theatre.

Dusty Slay’s Kids 

Image of Dusty Slay with is wife, Hannah Hogan Slay, and their daughter
Dusty Slay with his wife, Hannah Hogan Slay, and their daughter

As mentioned, the couple is not the most talkative person when talking about their romantic lives, and there are no reports today that they already have kids of their own on most reports. The couple shared photos with their daughter with her name undisclosed.

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