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Drew Pearson is Married to Wife: Marsha Haynes

Image of Drew Pearson with his wife, Marsha Haynes

Dubbed as one of the most excellent wide receivers during his time, Drew Pearson would later cement his legacy as a great household name in the world of professional football in 2021. He is a retired football player that played for the Dallas Cowboys between the years 1973 to 1983 in the National Football League.

First signed by the Cowboys as a free agent out of college, he would later prove to everyone that he was worthy of the shot that they just gave him that day. He pushed his team to be the first-ever team in the history of the League to have set two 1,000 yards wide receivers, all the more leaving a legacy for the NFL team.

Of course, being the first of the said accomplishment is just one of his accolades because, in 1977, he would later help his team bring home the trophy as the 12th Super Bowl Champion. As mentioned, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2021 and got the honor of having his sculpture made for him by Scott Myers.

Sadly, he knew his age would eventually catch up to him, so he decided to retire from playing the sport. But as everyone knew, his passion and love for it did not dwindle even an inch, and he became a coach for the Cowboys in ’85 and the Texans in ’91, after which he became an executive officer for other teams.

Did the former wide receiver of the Dallas Cowboys, Drew Pearson, marry? Learn more about his life by clicking this article.

Drew Pearson has been Married to his Wife Marsha Haynes since 1972

Image of Drew Pearson
Drew Pearson is an American former professional football player. He used to play for National Football League

With a remarkable reputation that precedes him, there is no surprise that the sportsman would be married to a beautiful and loving woman and later spend the next decades with her. Drew Pearson’s wife is no other than Marsha Haynes Pearson, a beautiful woman who successfully captured the former athlete’s heart.

Although, given their age, the couple would not be so vocal about the details and the intricacies of their marriage, so people are left to speculate how and where they have met each other. But regardless of that, they dated for quite a bit, and a year before the former football player would enter the NFL, Drew Pearson’s wife would be bounded to him in holy matrimony.

Drew Pearson’s Previous Relationships

As mentioned, not many details are available surrounding the life of the 6-foot sportsman. However, given the year and age at which he married his wife, it’s plausible that he did not have any previous partners before her.

Marsha Haynes’ Biography

Image of Marsha Haynes Pearson
Marsha Haynes Pearson is known as a socialite and a homemaker. She used to work as a real estate broker and a realtor.

Drew Pearson’s wife, Marsha Haynes, is not a woman that would depend on her husband because, as some people may already know, she was a real estate broker in her early adult years. She worked at a firm known as JP and Associates Realtors Corporate or JPAR.

There, she made sure to build her financial standing and support her husband in many ways that she is capable of doing.

Drew Pearson’s Kids

Unfortunately, there are no other details that are known when it comes to their kids because the couple is very secretive when it comes to this. But, it is known that they have two kids and another two from Marsha’s past relationship before meeting Drew.

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