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Dr. Mark Hyman is Married to Wife: Mia Lux. Kids: Rachel Hyman.

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Image of Dr. Mark Hyman with his current partner, Mia Lux

Our subject in this article is not just an ordinary doctor but is also an author, TV personality, and a columnist under the name of Mark Adam Hyman or Dr. Mark as he is commonly addressed.

Doctors are considered heroes to many. Having the ability to cure sickness and build a good rapport with the patients are just a few among the many skills of the people in this profession.

Hyman is a controversial physician known for practicing functional medicine or alternative medicine that lacks credibility and evidence.

Despite the controversies, this celebrity doctor has written a book enlisted as a New York Times Bestseller, titled “The Daniel Plan”.

The famous doctor was born on the 22nd of November, 1959, and will turn 63 this year.

Dr. Mark Hyman is Married to Mia Lux

Image of Dr. Mark Hyman with his current partner, Mia Lux
Dr. Mark Hyman with his current partner, Mia Lux

Despite having a busy schedule and an active career, the celebrity physician still keeps a romantic relationship in his personal life.

Dr. Mark is married to another famous personality, Mia Lux.

As famous as they are, the couple knows what information is needed to be kept private, as they have not disclosed the details about their dating relationship and wedding.

They appear to have a healthy relationship, and they are supportive of each other as they collaborate with each other’s social media content.

Mia Lux’s Biography

Image of Mia Lux
Mia Lux is an American television personality, actress, and founder of the Conscious-ish show.

Blessed with a great sense of humor and deep perception of life, Mia Lux is prominent in stand-up comedy, wellness podcasts, and hosting.

On March 29, 1987, she was born in Cape Town, South Africa. She started her career by performing short comic skits in local clubs.

Due to her versatility, she has managed to pursue a lot of careers, including law and acting, as she starred in the kid’s show Power Rangers.

Lux can offer more than just jokes, as she also tackles serious topics such as sex, love life, depression, and fitness in her podcast titled Conscious-ish Show.

Her videos and podcast commonly feature her famous husband, Dr. Mark Hyman.

Because of its sensible yet funny theme, a large crowd follows her growth-related content.

She also manages her own company of social club for singles, known as La Vette.

Despite being married for quite some time, Lux is yet to be a mother of her child.

However, she stands as a stepmother to Rachel Hyman, Dr. Mark’s daughter from his first wife.

The 35-year-old host mentioned in one episode of her podcast that she is still hoping to have a baby.

Mia is active in social media as she uses the platform to promote her content.

Her Instagram account, @mymialux, has over 16,000 followers.

Meanwhile, her YouTube channel has almost 2,000 subscribers and over 24 videos.

Detailed information about her family background is yet to be confirmed, as she prefers to keep her loved ones far from the public eye.

Due to her shows and hosting appearances, she has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Dr. Mark Hyman was Married to His Ex-wife

Image of Dr. Mark Hyman with his former partner, Rachel Hyman
Dr. Mark Hyman with his former partner, Rachel Hyman

Before being happily wedded to Mia, Dr. Hyman had an ex-wife.

Their past relationship was blessed with a single daughter named Rachel Hyman.

When asked about it, Hyman said that he grew up in a broken family and is surrounded by people with short-lived relationships, thus getting negative influence from those experiences.

The physician/author’s ex-wife remains a mystery for his fans since he is secretive.

Dr. Mark Hyman’s Daughter

Rachel Hyman is the loving daughter of Dr. Mark. Judging by their social media appearance, the father and daughter tandem shares a great bond.

Her career is not confirmed, but there are speculations that she also pursued medicine and music production.

As her birthday remains unknown, it is estimated that the young Hyman is currently in her mid-20s.

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