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Doug Walker is Married to Wife: Robin Poage. Kids.

Image of Doug Walker with his wife, Robin Poage

Bringing you back into a nostalgic ride with a comedic twist would not be other than comedian Doug Walker. He brings smiles and laughter to people’s faces through his creative, funny skits on the Youtube channel “Channel Awesome.”

The series revolved around Nostalgia Critic, a fictionalized version of Doug Walker. The character is an aggressive and childish film critic who reviews shows from childhood with comically exaggerated rage. Appearing in the series is his brother and some of his friends to perform the skit while making a person’s day lighter with a good laugh.

Before franchising himself as the Nostalgia Critic, he was first known as the That Guy with the Glasses, which also pokes fun at past and present events. It was created as an official website to secure his early skits from being deleted by Youtube because of copyrights.

Aside from critiquing previous films, he is also up to date with the latest ones and gives his review like the Lightyear, which was released last week. He also invites guests on his show to comment on movies with him.

Who captured Doug Walker’s heart? Who is Doug Walker’s wife? Read the article below to learn more.

Doug Walker has been Married to Wife, Robin Poage, since 2012

Image of Doug Walker with his wife, Robin Poage
Doug Walker with his wife, Robin Poage

Doug Walker’s Wife, Robin Poage, was enthralled with Doug’s jubilant and humorous personality and eventually married him in Downers Grove, Illinois, on the 15th of June 2012. She was Doug Walker’s wife for almost three years since they met at a charity event in 2009, eventually tying the knot in a private ceremony attended by close family and friends. 

As of now, the lovebirds reside in Naperville, Illinois, enjoying their decade-long marriage without any issues or controversies of extra-marital affairs.

Robin Poage’s Biography

Robin Poage, Doug Walker’s wife, is an actress appearing in several episodes of Doug’s web series Ask That Guy with the Glasses and First Viewing. Aside from supporting her husband’s Youtube channel, she is a full-time employee at Metropolitan family services as a preservation therapist and adoption support. 

Also, as a loving wife, her favorite pastime is watching comedy skits and movies with her husband. Some of their favorite movies include Bruce Almighty and Liar Liar. In addition, traveling is one of her main hobbies, and she would like to try different cuisines worldwide.

Doug Walker’s Past Relationships 

His pleasing personality and his quick-wittedness are indeed a hit on the ladies. However, Doug Walker’s dating history is kept private and will not be released to the public soon since he is now a happily married man with his wife, Robin Poage.

Robin Poage’s Kids

Doug Walker and his wife Robin Poage are currently focusing on advancing their careers and do not plan on having children any time soon. However, the couple is fur parents to their two cats, Chaplin and Buster.

In addition, Robin loves to work with children in hospitals and foster homes and as a caretaker at animal shelters during her free time. 

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