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Doug Marcaida is Married to Wife: Joelle Marcaida. Kids: Jaden, Alex, Douglas Marcaida

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Image of Doug Marcaida

If you are a fan of swords, blades, martial arts, and the History Channel’s series, Forged in Fire, you are indeed aware of Doug Marcaida, one of the resident judges of the show.

Due to his experience and honed skills in knife designing, martial arts, and specialty in edged weapons, he was picked to be a member of the aforementioned show since its premiere season on the 22nd of June, 2015.

Before joining Forged in Fire, Doug was also a US Military veteran and a designer of state-of-the-art blades.

He was born on the 26th of January 1966 and originated from the Philippines, where he also found his interest in martial arts, eventually leading to his proper training by the age of 16.

Later on, he migrated to America and is now a resident of New York City. If you are interested in knowing the latest details about Doug Marcaida’s wife, keep reading this Wikipedia-type biography.

Doug Marcaida is Married to Joelle Marcaida

Image of Doug Marcaida with his wife, Joelle Marcaida
Doug Marcaida with his wife, Joelle Marcaida

The TV personality is happily wedded to her American wife, Joella Marcaida.

The couple rarely post details and pictures of each other, as they prefer to have a private life and relationship. However, they are commonly seen together in different conventions that showcase Doug’s merchandise and knives.

The couple is blessed with three children named Jaden, Alex, and Douglas throughout their marriage.

Because they prefer privacy, details about their marriage and dating relationship are not publicly disclosed.

We can say that they are happy and contented with their relationship as there are no negative rumors circulating regarding the pair.

Joelle Marcaida Biography

A famous quote states that “behind every successful man, there stands a woman” and that is the very role of Doug’s loving wife Joelle.

There are very few details about Joelle, but rest assured that this site will be immediately updated once we get a closer scope about her.

It is known that Joelle is a white American and was born on the 21st of May, 1969, making her 52 years old at present.

In her professional career, she is a registered nurse who attends to the local patients of Rochester, New York.

She is effective in fulfilling the role of being the supportive half of the household as she is known to be a hands-on mother when it comes to her children’s hobbies.

Doug Marcaida Children

Despite being a man with a heavy workload, Doug has managed to form a family with his spouse, having three youngsters, Alex, Douglas, and Jaden.

Alex Marcaida is the couple’s eldest son, being 24 years old as of the moment as he was born on the 25th of September, 25, 1998.

Just like his father, Alex gained a lot of experience and training at a very young age.

He is known to be a Paramedic, an Eagle Scout, and a volunteer for various organizations.

Next to Alex is Douglas James Marcaida III.

His name was obviously passed down from his grandfather to him.

Their name was inspired from Douglas McArthur, an American general that became an icon to Filipinos from the second world war.

Unlike his father and older brother, this young lad tends to stay out of the limelight.

In Doug’s Facebook post in 2016, it was seen that Douglas is into fencing.

Jaden Christopher is the youngest among his brothers, though his birth details are not known, it is estimated that he is about 18 years old as of the moment.

He shares a close bond with his parents as he often posts them on Instagram with over a thousand followers.

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