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Doug DeMuro is Married to Wife: Joanna DeMuro. Kids.

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Image of Doug DeMuro with his wife, Joanna DeMuro

Doug DeMuro is an American Car Enthusiast. He started as a writer and eventually became an automotive YouTuber.

Douglas DeMuro was born on the 22nd of May in the year 1988. He spent most of his childhood in Denver, Colorado, and went to the George Washington High School.

His career in the automotive industry started when he was hired by  Porsche’s North American headquarters to be their vehicle allocation manager. During his working days, he would write articles for the website

Because of his success in writing, DeMuro focused on the website and launched a YouTube channel. His channel focused on filming car reviews and would score them based on their specifications.

With the busy career of a YouTuber, does he have time to have a partner? We will answer this question in this article, so keep reading because we have all the information you need regarding the wife, married life, and kids, Doug DeMuro.

Doug DeMuro is Married to Wife: Joanna DeMuro

Image of Doug DeMuro with his wife, Joanna DeMuro
Doug DeMuro with his wife, Joanna DeMuro

The car personality has been giving us amazing content for years. But what do we know about his private life?

Doug DeMuro is married to his longtime partner Joanna DeMuro. The two have enjoyed a relationship together that has spanned for years.

The couple tied the knot in 2017. It was a private wedding that was held in their hometown.

The ceremony was attended by their closest family and friends. After the wedding, the two enjoyed their time together as a married couple.

It is said that their married life did not come easy. They said that it was challenging because of the challenges that married couples face.

But their love for each other remained strong. This enabled them to get past the hurdles that their relationship encountered.

Four years after exchanging their vows, the lovebirds decided to start their own family. They welcomed their first son in 2021.

Despite Doug’s celebrity status, they have kept their personal life private and away from the media. They prefer this to avoid controversies and issues.

Because of this, details about their relationship are limited. This article will be updated once information about the couple is revealed.

Who is Joanna Demuro?

The car enthusiast has never been seen dating anyone in public. But it is confirmed that he is already married.

Doug DeMuro’s wife is Joanna DeMuro. She is the longtime partner of the YouTuber.

Although her husband is fond of the spotlight, Doug DeMuro’s wife prefers living privately. Because of this, information about her is limited.

Even with 2073 posts on his Instagram account, she only appeared in a photo during their wedding, but her face was not visible.

But we know that Doug DeMuro’s wife is already a mother. The couple welcomed their son in September 2021.

Doug DeMuro’s Kids

The car guy may seem too fascinated about cars even to start his own family. But Doug is already a dad.

The love between Dog and Joanna resulted in a cute little son. The news was revealed on September 3, 2021.

The YouTuber said that the journey to have a child was not easy. The couple suffered two miscarriages before having their firstborn.

Luckily, after many prayers, their son was welcomed into the world. Before they even have a baby, the couple has a cute dog.

The author said in a post that they treat him as if he is their child—the family of three lives in their mansion in San Diego, California.

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