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Donovan Mitchell is not Married to a Wife. Ex-girlfriend: Deja Lighty.

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If you’ve followed the NBA in recent years, you probably know the basketball superstar, Donovan Mitchell.

Donovan Mitchell is the face of the basketball Franchise, Utah Jazz.

He was drafted by the Denver Nuggets in the 2017 NBA draft but was immediately traded to the Utah Jazz where he is currently playing.

Under his leadership, the Jazz has been in every playoff since.

When Donovan Mitchell was drafted to the league, it was public knowledge that he was in a relationship with Deja Lighty.

The then sweet couple was seen all over the social media as they shared photos of their relationship with heartfelt captions.

But the lovebirds are not together anymore as they reportedly broke up in 2019. Are you curious about what happened to Donovan Mitchell and his ex-girlfriend Deja Lighty? Read more to find out.

Donovan “Spida” Mitchell

Image of Donovan Mitchell
American professional basketball player for the Utah Jazz of the National Basketball Association, Spida

Donovan Mitchell Jr., nicknamed “Spida”, was born on September 7, 1996, in Elmsford, New York.

His father, Donovan Mitchell Sr., had a background in playing baseball during his time in the Minor League Baseball.

During Donovan’s high school years, he played with Cantebury School’s both baseball and basketball varsity teams.

Donovan Mitchell’s relationship with ex-girlfriend Deja Lighty


It is said that their relationship started in 2017 when Donovan posted a picture of Deja with the caption “my partner in crime.”

During their stint together, they were posting sweet photos together and even shared a picture cuddling with the caption “me n u”. the posts were deleted and are not visible anymore.

Who is Deja Lighty?

Image of Deja Lighty
Deja Lighty is an American actress, model, and singer.

Deja Lighty was the daughter of late hip-hop legend Chris Lighty.

She and Mitchell went to different universities during college, with her attending Temple University and him attending the University of Louisville meaning the two were hundreds of miles apart during this time.

But the love birds noticeably both loved athletics which made their relationship stronger.

While Deja Lighty was finishing her degree in Sports Management and working as an Account Executive for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Mitchell was playing for the Utah Jazz.

Deja currently works as a Community Manager for Jones Road Beauty while modeling for different brands at the same time.

Donovan and Deja’s split

After a long relationship with each other, Donovan Mitchell and Deja Lighty broke up in 2019. The specifics of their eventual breakup are unknown to the public.

But it is said that the long-distance relationship became very hard for the couple and served as the final straw for the end of their time together.

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