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Donell Jones is Married to Wife: Jasmine Jones.

Image of Donell Jones with his wife, Jasmine Jones

Working independently is no challenging feat for singer Donell Jones after being in the music industry since the early 2000s. Given his talents in singing and music, he produced six albums, with his My Heart album in 1996 his first and the Where I Wanna Be his most notable one.

You’ll never go wrong when you know what’s up, and that’s right, as his “U Know What’s Up” is one of his great hits in R&B. His rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Knocks Me Off My Feet” would also surely knock you off your feet because of how outstanding it was.

When he started venturing into the music industry in 1996, he was under the LaFace Records, which had helped his music reach thousands of listeners. Most of his songs were written and composed by him (with a few exceptions), but given that fact, it showed how brilliant and skilled he was, enabling him to make a new for himself and even go on tours with famous music artists, including Alicia Keys.

In the world of R&B, his songs always occur on the charts and on billboards. His sixth album, Forever, released in July 2013, was able to secure a place in the top 20 on Billboard and an 8th on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.

He has recently led his record label, the Candyman Music Inc and Tunecore. Also, his latest album was released on Valentine’s last year, entitled “100% Free,” which would be impossible without his labeling company. 

Are you curious about who is Donell Jones’ twin flame? Learn more about Donell Jones’ wife and love life in the article below.

Donell Jones has been Married to Wife, Jasmine Jones, since 2013

Image of Donell Jones with his wife, Jasmine Jones
Donell Jones with his wife, Jasmine Jones

Fans would think that being in the limelight and living a life of luxury could instantaneously solve all your problems; however, that is not the case, as singer Donell Jones can attest to that. He, too, had his share of personal issues but would not have survived it all without the help of Jasmine Jones, Donell Jones’ wife.

Before returning to the music industry last year, he had taken an eight-year hiatus to focus on his family. During that time, he had become a role model to his children and a loving partner to his wife, as stated in an interview on BET during his latest promotion. 

Since then, he had never failed to shower Jasmine Jones, Donell Jones’ wife, with all the love and affection. He always posts pictures of her or even writes her letters to remind her that she is the most special person in his life.

The couple had been together for 15 years since they first got together in 2007 and is now married for almost nine years after tying the knot in 2013. 

Jasmine Jones’ Biography

Donell Jones’ wife, Jasmine Jones, has not released any information about herself and their marriage. However, Donell always posts appreciation for her on his social media accounts, and a few photographs of them together is available to the public. 

Donell Jones’ Past Relationships 

Donell Jones is a private man who only makes public statements regarding his music. Thus any relationship he had in the past is not and will not be disclosed any time soon.

However, he is known to be quite a charmer, for he had children with his past flames, although their names are kept private.

Donell Jones’ Kids

Image of Donell Jones with his wife, Jasmine Jones, and their kids
Donell Jones with his wife, Jasmine Jones, and their kids

Donell Jones’ wife, Jasmine Jones, gave the musical artist two children of their own however their names are kept confidential. Also, Donell has four other daughters from previous relationships, including his daughter Tatiana.

Tatiana followed his father’s footsteps in the music industry and is also a singer and songwriter. She even said in her bio that she is a legend’s daughter. Last year, the proud father walked her daughter down the aisle and gave him a grandchild whom they named Messiah.

His other children remained unnamed, but it is a given that Donell truly is a family man.

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