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Don Cheto is Married to Wife: Enriqueta Tiejo. Kids: Diego, Sanjuana

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Juan Carlos Ruzo, also known as Don Cheto, is a Mexican-American singer.

He became famous when the Mexican American Pop was released.

The famous singer is also a TV host and a radio host.

His parents brought him to this world on the 23rd of June 1980 in Zamora, Michoacán, Mexico.

He is currently 41 years old. Mexico is known for its religion Christianity.

He is Christian at birth like any other Mexican.

The famous Mexican-American singer graduated from high school in California.

Cheto’s parents own an illegal company selling strawberry jam in the USA.

The famous Mexican-American Singer is married to a beautiful woman named Enriqueta Tiejo and has two children.

Do you want to know Don Cheto’s wife and kids? Then read this article to know more.

Don Cheto is married to a wife Enriqueta Tiejo

Image of Don Cheto
Don Cheto is a fictional Mexican American radio and television personality widely known in Mexican American pop culture.

Apart from his radio and television work, Don Cheto, alias Juan Ruzo is a family man.

He hurries home after completing his work to care for his lovely wife and children.

Cheto is a lot younger than the character he plays.

He is blissfully married to Enriqueta Tiejo Ruzo, albeit the date of their wedding is unknown.

Enriqueta and Tiejo were studying for her master’s psychology degree when their son was growing older.

Cheto, a well-known Mexican-American actor, has managed to keep their relationship private.

Cheto and his wife Tiejo live happily together as a married couple.

Finally, in 2007, Diego their son was born.

When Diego was growing up, the wife of the famous singer Tiejo was working on her master’s degree in psychology.

The actor didn’t have time to look after their son till late in the evening.

Enriqueta Tiejo Biography

The only information we have on Enriqueta Tiejo is that she was married to Enriqueta Tiejo, and they have kids together named Diego and Sanjuana.

Don’t worry, we will update this article if we find any information about Enriqueta Tiejo.

Don Cheto’s Kids

I. Diego Ruzo
– He is the only son of the famous Mexican-American singer and his wife Enriqueta Tiejo.
II. Sanjuana Ruzo
– She is the only daughter of the 41-year-old and his wife Enriqueta Tiejo. Her birth date was unknown but will update if we find any information.

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