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DJ Shipley is Married to Wife: Patsy Dietz-Shipley.

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Image of Don Shipley

Donald W. Shipley, popular as Dj Shipley born in the year 1960. Unfortunately, the exact date of his birth is not disclosed. He is a retired United States Navy Seal. He received an acknowledgment for his activism in investigating and publicizing individuals who made false claims about Military service.

Succeeding his graduation from Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training BUD/S class 131, he went to the United States Navy in 1978 and officially became a Navy Seal in 1984.

Dj Shipley has been married to his wife Patsy Dietz-Shipley since 2009

Patsy Dietz-Shipley Bio

Image of Donald Shipley with his wife, Patsy Dietz-Shipley
Donald Shipley with his wife, Patsy Dietz-Shipley, in their YouTube series “Phony Navy SEAL of the Week.”

Patsy Dietz-Shipley is popularly distinguished as the wife of the expired Navy Seal, Danny Dietz. In September 2022, Patsy will turn 41 years of age.

Unfortunately, the exact date of her birthday is not disclosed to the public. Patsy came from a law-authorized family too, and it can be quickly concluded that her father was involved in the Navy Seal.

Furthermore, following the fact that the law authorizes her family, she was honored with the Deployment of the GW aircraft carrier, circa 2004.

Sadly, despite her husband Donald Shipley Jr. being in the spotlight, Patsy still keeps a low profile and does not disclose such information to the public.

There were only little to no facts about her that could be found on the web.

Luckily, she has an Instagram account, where people can be updated about her with the username @patsy_leveque.

She appears to have an active engagement on her IG account, wherein she has 500 posts, also the fact that she was able to muster 300 followers and over 400 followings.

To honor her late husband, she provided a link on her bio, which will take people to the Danny Dietz Memorial page.

Moreover, patsy seems to be actively present on her Facebook account, where she can be seen sharing posts associated with the Navy to remind the world of the sacrifices of her fallen husband along with the younger troops.

Disastrously, her then-husband, Danny Dietz, heroically surrendered his own life to the advantage of many individuals.

His life was taken in operation called RedWings on the year 2005, June 28. Nonetheless, even though the mighty Danny Dietz has already departed his life, there are still events to honor his deeds.

Dj Shipley kids

Keeping a low profile and avoiding too much exposure, the couple did not introduce to the public their two daughters, and no details were put on the internet about their children.

Despite that, it can be seen that Patsy prioritizes her family above anything else. They are now contently living blissful and peaceful life.

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