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Is Dj Paul Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Dj Paul

Paul Duane Beauregard is a famous American DJ, record producer, songwriter, and rapper born in Whitehaven, South Memphis, Tennessee, United States of America. DJ Paul made his first debut in 1988 when he was just 11 years old at a club in Memphis named 380 Beale.

He produced and released tapes such as Portrait of a Serial Killa, Smoked Out Loced Out, Mystic Stylez, Underground Volume 16: For da Summa, The Weigh-In, and many others. He is also an actor and has been featured in movies like MTV Cribs and Ridiculousness.

Keep reading to know more about Dj Paul’s wife, his present relationships, and his past girlfriend. Check this out!

Is Dj Paul Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Dj Paul
Dj Paul is an American DJ, record producer, and rapper

DJ Paul has never been legally married to anyone. However, he has only been engaged once in his entire lifetime to Majda Baltic. The two split and moved on with their lives. Since then, he has never gotten engaged to any other person. Therefore, he has no wife.

Dj Paul’s Relationship

Currently, DJ Paul is believed to be single as of 2022. Before then, he was in a relationship with the former ex-wife of Rocker Slash, Perla Hudson.

In an interview, they disclosed that they had first met each other during DJ Khaled’s birthday through mutual friends. Since then, they started talking more often, and their friendship developed into a relationship.

An interesting fact is that they each got matching tattoos for Perla’s late cousin and showered each other with cute couple gifts every holiday season. Before they admitted to having been dated, the two had a very private relationship, away from the public’s eyes.

It was not until they were spotted a couple of times by the paparazzi that they decided to come clean with their relationship. Unfortunately, the two are no longer together.

We will update this article once details about Dj Paul’s wife become available. Stay tuned!

Dj Paul’s Past Relationships

Image of DJ Paul with his former partner, Majda Baltic
DJ Paul with his former partner, Majda Baltic

DJ Paul has been formerly engaged in the past but has never been legally married in his entire lifetime. Prior to his separation from Majda Baltic, he had been in two previous relationships with different women.

His first public relationship was with famous American author Karrine Steffans. Karrine was born on the 24th of August 1978 in Saint Thomas, United States of America, Virgin Islands.

She first met with DJ Paul in 2001. However, their relationship did not last very long as the two decided to break up in the same year and went their separate ways.

Karrine eventually got married to Darius McCrary, but they ended up in a divorce in 2011. DJ Paul’s second public relationship was with rapper Gangsta Boo, whose real name is Lola Chantrelle Mitchell.

The two had a brief intimate relationship around 2012-2013 but decided it would not last, thus leading to their breakup. Thereafter, he met Majda Baltic at Salt Lake City Airport.

Could she be Dj Paul’s wife? The two grew fond of each other and even got engaged. They also shared a son, Nautical Beauregard. This, as well, did not last and they ended up separating.

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