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Is DJ Drama Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend? Kids. 

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Image of DJ Drama an American DJ, Record Executive, and Producer

A disc jockey, music proponent, and record manager are just some of the titles he earned for himself. Tyree Cinque Simmons, remarkably known as DJ Drama, is the partner of Don Cannon in the founding Generation Now. 

Becoming T.I.’s endorsed DJ promoted tremendous growth in his career. There are currently five albums under his credit which profited a large amount of money for every album. 

In 2016, he released Quality Street Music 2. It has made its way to being internationally known, which added drastically to his net worth. 

Electric Relaxation was his debut series which incorporates several R&B tracks. The gains of his first series brought him to produce more mixtape series, hence Gangsta Grillz

Are you curious about DJ Drama’s wife, marriage, controversies, and kids? Continue reading to find out more about him. 

Is DJ Drama Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend?

Image of DJ Drama with his Partner Jessica Burciaga
DJ Drama with his Partner Jessica Burciaga

Dj Drama is currently linked to several women for the past decade. Since his affiliation with his ex-wife, Summer Walker, the producer keeps the paparazzi busy with his several involvements with different women and all the drama that came along with it.

Some reports claim that DJ Drama’s wife in the future is an Instagram-famous model, Jessica Burciaga. It is said that the two have been together since 2015, and they are about to celebrate their 7th anniversary in a few months. Unfortunately, no clear news about how they met is available to the public.

Who is DJ Drama’s wife in the future? The producer is also linked to another Instagram model named Debakii. It is said that she was the DJ’s girlfriend in 2021. They are in an unstable and in an on-and-off type of relationship, which was later on turned into another drama because of DJ Drama’s linkage to another woman named Vanessa Chantal.

The alleged side-chick shocked the world when she publicly claimed that DJ Drama’s wife in the future, Jessica Burciaga, attacked her physically leaving several injuries because of her involvement with the producer.

Vanessa claims to have been with the DJ when he was on a break with Jessica. The physical fight happened when Vanessa came to the DJ’s house, and Jessica saw them together.

Despite the fight, and instead of breaking off the catfight, DJ Drama recorded the whole thing and claimed that Vanessa only came to his place to be set up and be attacked by Jessica. Although very traumatic, no charges were pressed against the couple.

DJ Drama was married to Summer Walker in 2009

Unfortunately, information about how the previous couple met is not available in this writing. Nevertheless, DJ Drama’s wife married the producer in 2009. 

According to reports, they have been dating for quite a long time, and it is good that they ended up in marriage. They lived their lives happily as husband and wife. 

Sadly, the former couple cannot stay in the relationship as husband and wife any further. The details about their divorce are no.

Summer Walker’s Biography

DJ Drama’s ex-wife, Summer P. Walker, is also an artist like him. In addition to that, she also works as a professional designer and a creative director. 

“You’re Safe Here” is the interior design firm she owns and manages. The DJ’s ex-wife has a following substantial base of 52,000 on Instagram.

Rumors and Controversies

Image of Jessica Burciaga a Famous Instagram Model
Jessica Burciaga a Famous Instagram Model

According to sources, the former couple separated because Drake incorporated DJ Drama’s former wife’s name in one of his songs. Drake placed the name Summer in one of his songs because there is an affair between the two. 

The record manager quickly debunked and cleared Drake and his previous wife’s names. He added that Summer and Drake already knew each other even before he and his wife married.

Rumors also state that DJ Drama is the one who is having an affair with a 21-year-old unnamed lady. The controversy that added intensity to this rumor is that the music proponent made the girl pregnant. 

Given the nature of his work, the DJ regularly ventures around the country, thus exposing him to all kinds of people. He met his alleged mistress in Kansas, wherein she was hired to party with celebrity guests. 

The mistress informed Summer that her then-husband was sleeping behind her back. She also mentioned that the disc jockey impregnated her. 

DJ Drama’s Kids

After years of being in a relationship, DJ Drama and his wife, Summer, did not bear a child. However, reports claim that the rapper has a child with his alleged mistress. Confirmation of these rumors is yet to be discussed by Summer’s ex-husband. 

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