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Diego Sanchez is Married to Wife: Bernadette Sanchez.

Image of Diego Sanchez with his daughter, Deijah

Diego Sanchez is a popular American mixed martial artist who is currently competing at the Welterweight division since 2017. The 40-year-old from Albuquerque, New Mexico is famously known by his nickname, The Nightmare.

He made his first debut in 2002 at the Ring of Fire where he participated in the competition despite having a heel injury. He has taken part in 44 competitions, and out of these, he has won a total of 30 fights.

He received his black belt in Gaidojutsu and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Diego is a multi-award-winning fighter having received many accolades throughout his entire career.

Diego Sanchez is Married to Wife: Bernadette Sanchez.

Image of Diego Sanchez with his wife, Bernadette Sanchez, and their daughter, Deijah

Diego Sanchez with his wife, Bernadette Sanchez, and their daughter, Deijah

Bernadette Sanchez is a former wrestling manager and famously known as the former wife to mixed martial artist Diego Sanchez. She was born on the 29th of March and has an American nationality.

Bernadette is originally from Albuquerque. Not much information has been revealed regarding her education.

Looking at her occupation, she used to work as a wrestling manager at Diego Sanchez’s high school, Del Norte High School.

Bernadette’s details are not available to the public, and it seems that her social media account in Instagram has been disabled. This makes it hard to track her life and relationship status.

Diego Sanchez’s Relationship

Diego Sanchez and Bernadette Sanchez first met in 2011 at Diego’s high school. Bernadette was at that time working as the wrestling team manager.

Eventually, they became friends through Facebook and got to know more about each other as they went on several dates together. After dating for a period of about three months, the two love birds decided to get married on the 21st of May in 2011.

The two were blessed with a daughter and son, who Diego loves to post pictures of on his Instagram social media platform. However, their marriage took a turn of events and they filed for a divorce in 2019.

Apparently, Diego felt pressured by Bernadette to quit his profession as he was losing in some of his competitions. Since he never received any support from his ex-wife, he decided to end the relationship and they both went their separate ways.

Currently, as of 2022, Diego Sanchez is single and has not been rumored to be in any other relationship following his divorce in 2019.

Diego Sanchez’s Past Relationship

Diego Sanchez has never spoken in public about his former relationships. He mostly refers to his ex-wife, Bernadette Sanchez, as his high school girlfriend which means that she probably was his very first girlfriend.

He likes to keep information about his personal dating life confidential and private. However, there have been rumors that Diego was in a relationship with a popular UFC fighter named Ali Sonoma.

It had been presumed that Diego had even proposed to her but they never made it past the engagement level. He is also said to have been dating another UFC fighter, Anne Rivera.

Although, this was a more private relationship that was not entirely confirmed. Diego has also been said to have been in a relationship with model and actress Edith Labelle.

Similarly, their relationship never lasted as they ended up breaking up shortly.

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