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Is Diego Klattenhoff Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend? Kids.

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Image of Diego Klattenhoff

Renowned for his role as Mike Faber in the Showtime series, Diego Klattenhoff is an actor who originated in Canada. He has also portrayed Donald Ressler, an FBI agent, in the crime thriller series, The Blacklist

Diego’s mentors are several of Canada’s honored acting trainers, namely Bruce Clayton, Rae Ellen Bodie, and David Rotenberg. His big break happened when he was featured in Mean Girls’ ageless movie in 2004. 

Since then, he has appeared in numerous television series. Another notable series he starred in is when he portrayed the role of Mike Faber in Homeland, who has a best friend that went to Iraq and came back to the United States eight long years after. 

Are you curious about Diego Klattenhoff’s wife, dating status, and kids? Continue reading to find out more about him. 

Diego Klattenhoff’s Dating Status

Image of Diego Klattenhoff
Diego Klattenhoff is a Canadian actor. He is known for his appearance as Mike Faber in the Showtime series called Homeland.

The actor is well-known for his passion for his craft. It’s not surprising how girls are going after him. Moreover, the Canadian celebrity is already married to a wife. 

Details about Diego Klattenhoff’s wife are not available to the public. Due to the lack of information, fans quickly stir something about the couple’s relationship. 

According to sources, their meeting is as cliché as possible. Diego must have a specific type of woman who does not like to live in the limelight. 

In an interview, the TV personality mentioned that Diego Klattenhoff’s wife is not fond of attention. Being an actor, he does not want to disrespect the boundaries set by his wife. 

Diego Klattenhoff’s Short Biography

Diego Klattenhoff was delivered and nurtured in French River, Nova Scotia, Canada. On the 30th of November 1979, he first came to the world. 

Klattenhoff started pursuing his acting career the moment he turned 19 years old. The Canadian actor also served as a bartender for several years to fund his studies alongside studying theater arts. 

He possesses German roots because his father came from Germany but migrated to Canada before the actor’s delivery.

Diego Klattenhoff’s Kids

Being married for more than a decade, it was presumed that the pair already had kids.  The couple favored having a baby boy whose name was not revealed to the public. 

According to reports, Diego Klattenhoof’s wife delivered their son into this world in 2012. By now, their child is expected to be ten years old. 

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