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Diego Andres González Boneta is Currently Dating: Renata Notni a Mexcian Model.

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Image of Diego Boneta with his current girlfriend, Renata Martinez Notni

Diego Andres González Boneta’s Current Girlfriend

Image of Diego Boneta with his girlfriend, Renata Martinez Notni
Diego Andres González Boneta with his girlfriend, Renata Martinez Notni

Renata Martinez Notni is a gifted actress, and she had made her first appearance when she was ten years of age in a telenovela called Código Postal last 2006.

Subsequently, Renata has managed to have eight roles in eight telenovelas, including Mar de Amor and Amorcito Corazon.

She was also cast in the Mexican television series Como dice el dicho and La rosa de Guadalupe.

Alongside that successful appearance she made, Renata is way more famous for her roles in the 2019 TV series, which are El Dragón: Return of a Warrior, where she portrayed Adela Cruz, and Vecinos as Guadalupe, a 2018 TV series, and also Por Amar sin ley being Sol Garcia.

Diego Andres González Boneta’s Past Relationships

Image of Diego Boneta with his ex-partner, Ana de la Reguera
Diego Boneta with his ex-partner, Ana de la Reguera

Prior to Diego Andres González Boneta’s current girlfriend, Renata Notni, he has had past relationships.

He dated Angelique Boyer, famous for Teresa in a Career that passes 2004 up to the present, for three years and is also his first rumored girlfriend, Ana de la Reguera.

Most famous for her Sister Encarnación in Nacho Libre, which lasted for three years, Camila Sodi, where they shared screens on a Netflix original Luis Miguel.

Though they never shared info about their dating, last 2018, Mayte Rodriguez in 2019.

Where it is said that the reason for their break up is that Diego was being unfaithful to his current girlfriend at that stage, Alexandra Daddario and Teresa Ruiz, last 2020.

Diego’s rumored relationships

Diego Andres González Boneta is a man who can woo every woman with his charming aspect and personality, adding into account his natural talent and skill as an actor.

He can have perfect chemistry with his co-actress. With that being said, rumors have sparked between the Hollywood star Julianne Hough and Diego Boneta dating because they have fantastic chemistry in the rock musical Rock of The Ages.

Nonetheless, the actress did not deny the chemistry between them, even though her then-boyfriend was not happy with what was happening.

There was gossip that Diego and Vanessa Claudio had dated in 2018, though their relationship type was unknown.

Also, there were rumors of Diego having hooked up with Luis Miguel’s daughter, Michelle Salas, way back in 2013, photos of them hugging each other in a park, exercising in front of the sea, and attending some events circulated in the media, which serves as evidence of their relationship.

Despite the photos taken during that time, neither of the two has confirmed or denied the rumored romance.

It remains unknown whether the two maintained a romantic relationship or it was just a direct relationship.

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