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Is Dexta Daps Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend? Dating Rumors. Kids.

Image of Dexta Daps

A Jamaican reggae musician under the stage name Dexta Daps, Louis Grandison is well-known for both his dancehall hits songs and his ballads.

The 2014 ballad ‘Morning Love’, the 2015 tune ‘7 Eleven’, and the 2015 song ‘Shabba Madda Pot’ are some of his tracks. Following the success of his tracks, he used a sexy short film that has more than 1.6 million YouTube views to promote his debut album, INTRO in 2017.

In 2017, he played at Reggae Sumfest. He has worked with a variety of people, including Blakkman and rapper M.I.A. In 2017, reggae musician D’Angel responded to Daps’ song Owner with the tune Whipped.

Daps was born on January 12, 1986, in the Seaview Gardens district of Kingston, Jamaica, which is recognized for its tight-knit community, and poverty, and as the birthplace of Jamaican reggae musicians like Shabba Ranks, Bounty Killer, and Elephant Man.

He was raised in poverty before becoming famous, which, according to him, inspired him to write songs. His career began around 2006.

He was listed as one of the top artists to watch for 2015 by DJ Bounty Killer in January that year.

On April 8, 2020, he was detained and arrested by Jamaica Constabulary Force officers in connection with alleged shootings and gang-related violence in the West Kingston area.

Nearly a day before his scheduled appearance before an urgent review tribunal to request the musician’s release, the singer was eventually released on April 30 in the afternoon.

Dexta Daps’ Relationship Status

Image of Dexta Daps
Dexta Daps is a Jamaican reggae singer. He is known for his ballad songs

Like most famous people, Dexta Daps makes an effort to keep his personal and romantic affairs quiet.

As of 2022, The 36 years old reggae singer, Dexta Daps hasn’t dated anyone yet and still has never before been married. Although, reportedly he had at least 1 romance in the past.

Dexta Daps’ Dating Rumors

In 2019, Videos that proved Dexta Daps had slept with a Guyanese lady were made public. It was implied that they had slept together when he was seen in a picture in bed with a woman.

However, Dexta strongly denied having a romantic relationship with the woman, even saying that she broke into his hotel room while he was sleeping. There were also recordings and pictures showing that they had spent the night together partying.

Many admirers were astonished when the woman suddenly emerged from bed, naked and her hair in a mess.

The attack then began, with many people examining the woman and the hotel for their lack of security. Others even suggested that the inn should be sued for its irresponsibility. Many fans wished for the artist to return to Guyana in the future as they continued to express their love and support for the performer.

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