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Devon Larratt is Married to Wife: Jodi Larratt. Kids.

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Image of Devon Larratt with his wife, Jodi Wood

Devon Larratt, also known as “No Limits,” is a former member of the Canadian Armed Forces and a professional arm wrestler from Canada. The celebrity is widely regarded as one of the greatest arm wrestlers and is presently ranked number one in North America.

This famous arm wrestler won not only in the competition, but he also won his wife, Jodi Larratt’s heart. The couple has been married for almost 20 years since they were married in 2003.

How Devon Larratt and his wife, Jodi Met

Image of Devon Larratt with his wife, Jodi Wood
Devon Larratt with his wife, Jodi Wood

Unfortunately, there are no reports about how the couple met. However, there are assumptions that they met in the place where the competition for arm wrestling is being held. You will know why there is such an assumption.

It says in the rumor that after getting to know each other during a party, Jodi Larratt and Devon Larratt fell in love. They have a unique chemistry together, and their love blossoms even after years of marriage.

About Devon Larratt’s wife: Jodi Larratt

Image of Jodi Wood Larratt
Jodi Wood Larratt is a female wrestler in Ottawa High Hooker arm wrestlers. She is also the wife of her co-wrestler, Devon Larratt.

The arm wrestler’s wife, Jodi Larratt, is a Canadian actress and arm wrestler who hails from the province of Ontario. She was a finalist in the WAL tournament in 2014.

She finished second in the left-hand competition and fourth in the right-hand competition at WAL in 2015. She is placed second in the WAL Lightweight (Left) Division and fourth in the WAL Lightweight (Right) Division.

Devon Larratt has been her husband since 2003. Devon Larratt is the current #1 rated arm wrestler in North America and is widely regarded as one of the best arm wrestlers.

Reading, photography, learning, traveling, and surfing the internet are just a few of her interests. Moreover, she began her career as a model before moving into the entertainment sector.

Jodi is an actress and a professional arm wrestler. She competes in a variety of events. She is one of Hollywood’s most well-known actresses; also, her presence on The Girl He Met Online made her famous.

There are assumptions about how the couple met in an arm-wrestling event since Jodi Larratt is also an arm wrestler. How oddly romantic wasn’t it?

Rumors about the Arm Wrestler Couple

These two beautiful couples are strong since there were no reported rumors and controversies that might change their status now. The only word we got is not yet verified, and that is how they met in an arm-wrestling event and have fallen in love.

Devon and Jodi Larratt’s Children

Image of Devon Larratt and Jodi Wood with their kids, Auden, Habree, and Milo Larratt
Devon Larratt and Jodi Wood with their kids, Auden, Habree, and Milo Larratt

The arm wrestler couple is the parents of three small children. Her children have all worked as child actors in various blockbuster films and television shows.

Auden Larratt is now an adult who has worked on films such as The Disappearance (2017), Clown (2014), and The Bold Type (2015).

Habree Larratt is a kid actor who has recently acted in several films. Orphan Black, A Storybook Christmas, The Blackcoat’s Daughter, The Perfect Soulmate, and more are among her films.

Milo Larratt has had the least screen time of the two siblings, appearing in only two films, Race and Milton’s Secret.

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