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Derrick Rose Wife Alaina Anderson and Kids

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American professional basketball player, Derrick Rose with his wife

Point Guard Derrick Rose was born on October 4, 1988, in Chicago, Illinois. Rose currently plays for the NBA Team New York Knicks. Rose played role player minutes and led the Knicks against the Hawks in the Playoffs, eventually losing to them.

Rose’s career is nothing short of tragic and unfortunate. The transition from being the youngest to ever win the MVP to being forgotten must have been hard for him.

Despite all that, Rose is now on the rise again, playing even better and wiser than his former MVP self. During those dark times, Alaina Anderson, Rose’s wife, stayed by his side and gave him the support he needed.

Love Life (Dating and Marriage)

“How did the two get together?” At the very moment, it is practically impossible to know how and when they met. Anderson, being from Windy City, we could only speculate that Anderson met Rose while he was still playing for the Bulls.

Besides those, there really isn’t much known about the two, well, at least nothing that we do not know of, though according to one source, the duo met each other in 2016.

TMZ caught wind of their relationship, and in November 2016, they shared a photo of Rose presumably having a date with Anderson at a bar. And the following year, TMZ got another exclusive of the two, this time about their pet puppy.

Two years later, after the TMZ bombs, Rose and Anderson tied the knot in February 2018. According to Terez Owens, they kept their marriage a secret from the public, settling for an elegant yet simple one.


The duo currently parents two children named Layla and London. Anderson birthed their children one after another, Layla in 2018 and Malibu in the preceding one.

Derrick Rose with his wife and kids
New York Knicks American professional basketball player, Derrick Rose with his wife and kids.


“Were there any breakups or controversies that happened between them?”

With the information available, there has been none, and it seems that there would be nothing even in the near or far future. Rose is known as a family man, according to some sources, and Anderson is a great wife and mother to their kids.

Alaina Anderson Bio

So you might be asking, ” Who is she and what does she do?”

Well, for starters, Alaina Anderson, wife of Derrick Rose, was born on November 15, 1994, in Chicago. Many people might know her from being an IG model with a beautiful face and fit body. But, more than that, she uses her platform to leverage and promote fitness. In addition, she’s also in the entrepreneurial world.

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