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Derek Watt is Married to Wife: Gabriella Watt. Kids.

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Image of Derek Watt and Gabriella Justin Watt with their kids, Logan and Brayden George

Derek John Watt is an American football fullback for the National Football League‘s Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL). Watt was rated the second-best fullback in the 2016 draft by Pro Football Focus, and he also had the second most excellent blocking rating among fullbacks.

However, the football player cannot be a fullback in his love life as he pushes his luck and marries his wife, Gabriella Watt. The couple was already married for four years, and they tied the knot on February 17, 2018.

Gabriella, who goes by Gabriella Watt, gushes about how Derek proposed to her in front of her family in Florida while visiting her parents. They chose the Palms Hotel and Spa in Miami for their fantasy wedding, where they married.’ Derek wore a navy blue suit, while Gabriella wore a white laced fitting gown.

How Derek Watt Met his wife, Gabriella


That romantic wedding will not happen if the football player does not meet Gabriella. Unfortunately, They did not disclose the information on how they met yet to the public. But there are rumors that the two met on the field where Derek Watt is playing.

About Derek Watt’s Wife: Gabriella Watt

Gabriella is a former sideline reporter who uses social media extensively. She is a Penn State graduate who works as a newscaster in Hazelton, Pennsylvania. In addition, she continues to upload images of Derek and their children to her 27.8k Instagram followers (Gabriella watt22).

Derek Watt’s wife, Gabriella, adores dogs and openly declares herself to be a dog mother. Who could have thought that the wife of a fullback football player has a soft side when it comes to dogs.

Rumors and Controversies about the Watt’s Couple

The reports say that the football player, Derek Watt, had at least one romantic relationship with a woman before. However, the identity of that woman is not revealed.

Derek Watt and Gabriella Watt’s Children


The couple has two boys. The first son was born a year after Derek and Gabriela married in 2019.

In Pittsburgh, Derek and Gabriella welcomed their second child in 2020. Brayden George Watt is the newest addition to the Watt family, following his brother Logan’s footsteps.

This little one has the appearance of a future football player. But, given who his father and uncles are, right?

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