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Is Deon Cole married to wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend? Kids: Dylan

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Image of Deon Cole with his son, Dylan Cole

Deon Cole was born on the 9th day of January 1972 in the Roseland neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. He has been a preeminent American actor, comedian, and screenwriter.

Deon is most recognized for his role in the comedy Black-ish, for which he received two SAG Award nominations and two NAACP Image Awards. The actor was the second panelist of, To Tell the Truth’s ABC edition to earn the Dorris Award, which he received on the 25th day of June 2020.

Thornridge High School educated him, and Philander Smith College provided him with an acting degree. Cole began his career in comedy right after a friend of his bet him fifty dollars that he would never be able to get up on stage in Chicago for one night.

From 2009 up to 2010, he was a part of The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien in its writing crew, and from 2010 up to 2012, he then worked as a writer for Conan. Learn more about the actor, comedian, and screenwriter Deon Cole’s wife.

Read more and check it out, so you can see details about his relationship and kids!

Deon Cole’s Dating status

Image of Deon Cole
Deon Cole is an American actor, comedian, and screenwriter. He is best known for his role in the sitcom Black-ish.

There could be no reason to think that the American actor-comedian is married now. He is enjoying a peaceful single life while concentrating on his work.

Also, even if Deon has been seeing someone, he has kept his romantic partner’s identity a secret. The personal information of his son’s mother is currently not available.

Deon does not reveal it, and maybe he is protecting his son from the eyes of the public. The Black-ish actor is yet to shock the world with the change in his love life.

We will update this write-up once information about Deon Cole’s wife becomes available.

Deon Cole’s dating history         

He has not revealed anyone that he had dated before. He appears to be not significantly exposed to his personal life.

The actor-comedian appeared on “The Real,” and claimed Stevie Wonder once took his girlfriend. Although it is unclear if Deon was serious or kidding, his narrative is likely to be amusing to some.

He clarified, “This is real beef.” “Stevie Wonder and I.

“Me and Stevie Wonder. He took my girl from me.

We went to this concert. I told her she could meet him, and she went and met him, and she came back, and she was like, ‘Man, here go $100, why don’t you take a cab home.’ I knew her broke ass didn’t have $100.

I knew Stevie gave it to her.” The Black-ish actor then described how the “As” singer agreed with him.

Some would argue that this aspect of the narrative sounded like one of his stand-up comedy performances. Deon also revealed some of the narratives in an Instagram post on the 23rd day of August that featured a photo of him and Wonder.

He also added a section of the narrative about Wonder wanting to fight him that he did not reveal in “The Real.” “We exchanged some more words, then he looked like he wanted to swing, so I stood as close to him as possible so he couldn’t swing,” he wrote.

“Then some other people came and calmed us down. Then we talked a little more about it and now here we are, FRIENDS AGAIN! So if you got beef with someone, just talk it out.”

Deon Cole’s kids

Image of Deon Cole with his son, Dylan Cole
Deon Cole with his son, Dylan Cole

The comedian has smashed every conservative idea about having kids and establishing a family. He has successfully raised an adopted son called Dylan Cole without the help of a wife.

Dylan graduated from college on the 24th day of May 2017, allowing the actor to offer his kid a decent education. So, all of his hard work as a performer paid off in the shape of a promising future for his sole kid.

His son, Dylan Cole, has been a great dancer, and the actor-comedian continually showcases his son through his Twitter page, expressing how proud he is of Dylan. He never fails to acknowledge how significant his only child is to him.

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