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Demaurice Smith is Married to Wife: Karen Padgett Smith. Kids.

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Image of Demaurice Smith with is wife, Karen Padgett Smith

Demaurice Smith, also known as Boss De, is a famous American lawyer, businessman, and the Executive Director of the National Football League Players Association or NFLPA. He took the position in 2009 after the NFL Board elected him.

He still effectively manages the mentioned department with no plans to retire shortly. The subject’s excellent management skills and techniques for the league gave him an excellent reputation, and he is also a fantastic leader of his own home.

Continue reading this Wikipedia-type biography to learn more details about Demaurice Smith’s wife and family. 

Demaurice Smith has been married to Karen Padgett Smith since 1993

Image of Demaurice Smith

Demaurice Smith
is the Executive Director of the National Football League Players Association.

The NFLPA boss has been happily married to his spouse named, Karen Padgett Smith, since 1993. In their almost three decades of marriage, the couple is still going strong and has learned the secret to maintaining a healthy relationship.

It was reported that the pair initially met each other when they were in law school and eventually dated until Karen agreed to be Demaurice Smith’s wife. Their Instagram snaps still show their love and passion for one another, even though they are both growing old.

Their relationship has been blessed with a son who is an adult by now.

Karen Padgett’s Smith Short Biography

Karen Padgett is Demaurice Smith’s wife. Unlike her famous husband, she prefers to live life with a low profile, as she does not disclose much information about her private information. Her actual birthday and birthplace fall off the public’s radar, but it is estimated that she is in her late forties to early fifties.

Details about her parents and relatives are also not shared on the internet, but it is evident that she is of African American descent. There are no records of her doing corporate jobs or managing a business, so it is assumed that she dedicated herself to being a full-time and hands-on mother to her kids and supporter of her husband, as she is often seen in different events which involve her family.

This page will be immediately updated with necessary information when we gather more facts about her personal life.

Demaurice Smith’s Kids

Despite having a busy schedule and immense responsibility, the sports executive still manages to be a great dad to his solo child named Alex Smith. He is a Lacrosse varsity player who carries the banner of the University of Maryland.

He plays pretty well as he has been consistently named one of the Academic All-Big Ten of the collegiate league. His exact birthday is unknown, but it is reported that he was born in 2000, making him approximately 22 years old as of the moment.

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