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DeMarcus Ware is Married to Wife: Angela Marie Daniel. Kids. Past Relationships.

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Image of DeMarcfus Ware and Angela with the kids, DeMarcus Ware II and Taniqua Smith

DeMarcus Ware is a former outside linebacker and defensive end in American football. He was picked 11th overall in the first round of the 2005 NFL Draft by the Dallas Cowboys after playing college football at Troy University.

Sadly after playing for many years, he retired last March 13, 2017. His talent is exceptional and will be a legacy for other football players.

Moreover, the former football player proposed to Angela Daniel last December 2020, and a year after, they were married in April 2021. When the couple shared their relationship with the public, many American football fans were shocked by the news.

DeMarcus Ware is Married to his Wife: Angela Marie Daniel.

Image of DeMarcus with his wife, Angela
DeMarcus with his wife, Angela

After he retired to football, life wasn’t easy for him as he experienced a lot of trials and tribulations, especially during this pandemic. So he decided to open a fitness center during this pandemic for his source of income.

As he opened this fitness center, he shared the ownership with Randi Chapman and Angela Daniel. The fitness center opened last 2020, and that year also when DeMarcus proposed to Angela.

Before DeMarcus and his co-owners opened the fitness center, these two were already together.

Angela Marie Daniel Biography

On August 6, 1984, Angela Daniel was born and is 34 years old. Jeri Lynn Pappone, 65, is the mother of Angela, a former associate attorney with Longyear O’Dea & Lavra LLP in California.

According to the media, Angela Daniel is a fitness model and former cocktail waitress from Las Vegas.

Also, as she works as a fitness model, she enjoys using social media to communicate with her admirers. In addition, Angela Daniel continues to update her followers on her exercise routine, family, and luxury vacations.

DeMarcus’s Ex-Wife

Angela Daniel was not the first woman that the football player DeMarcus married. Last March 2005, DeMarcus was married to Taniqua Smith; the reports said that these two old couples were having a long-term relationship as they met when they were in their high school days.

These two high school sweethearts could not go so far as they ended their relationship last 2012.

The two did have their children, one boy, and one adopted girl. We will reveal the information about DeMarcus’s children in this article’s latter part.

Rumors and Controversies

No rumors and controversies were reported regarding DeMarcus and Angela’s love life. But it is still quite intriguing why DeMarcus Ware and Taniqua Smith chose to divorce than prolong their relationship.


Image of DeMarcfus Ware and Angela with the kids, DeMarcus Ware II and Taniqua Smith
DeMarcus Ware and Angela with the kids, DeMarcus Ware II and Taniqua Smith

As mentioned above, DeMarcus had two children with Taniqua Smith. A boy and a girl; the girl was adopted as Taniqua Smith is having a hard time getting pregnant as she was having a lot of miscarriages during their relationship.

It was indeed a blessing when the second-born child, Taniqua, gave birth to a son and named that boy DeMarcus Ware II.

If you are curious who took care of those children, well, it was Taniqua Smith who took them and raised them. But there are times that Taniqua sent the children to DeMarcus to have bonded. Moreover, the two children are getting close with Angela Daniel too.

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