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DeMarcus Lawrence is Married to Wife: Sasha Lawrence. Kids: Damari, Milliana

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Image of DeMarcus and Sasha Lawrence with their kids, Damari, Million, and Kal-el

DeMarcus Lawrence made his name known for being one of the defensive players of the Dallas Cowboys. Standing at a towering height of 6 foot and 3 inches, it no denying that his position in the team is a Defensive end.

Ever since he was drafted by the National Football League back in 2014, he did not leave the same team that got him to play in the big leagues. Almost a decade later, he is still signed on the Cowboys.

His love for the sport can be traced back to when he was still studying at Silver Bluff High School. After he graduated and moved on to College, several Collegiate teams wanted to get a hold of this monstrous player in their respective fields.

He played from a humble community college to Boise State University, where he had a decent ratio of victories and losses. Going against College Football giants such as Michigan State, Miami University, and San Diego State did not faze him but instead pushed him to become a great athlete.

Who is the wife of football player DeMarcus Lawrence? We’ll answer her personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

DeMarcus Lawrence is Married married to Sasha Lawrence since 2019

Image of DeMarcus Lawrence with his wife, Sasha Lawrence
DeMarcus Lawrence with his wife, Sasha Lawrence

The couple’s history goes way back to 2012. Although they would not confirm the rumors they met through a series of friends, people speculate that the gossip may be true.

Having been dating for almost a decade, the two lovebirds finally decided to tie the knot in 2019. Many fans can now give out a big sigh because they know that the two can now be called Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence.

There have been little to no disputes surfacing on the internet between the two. This calls for an estimate that maybe the two have clicked quite well and are living a very healthy relationship.

DeMarcus Lawrence’s wife could finally rest in the arms of her man. Someone that would give her peace of mind and comfortable life.

DeMarcus Lawrence’s Past Relationships and Ex-Wife

The athlete is not the extroverted type of person when talking about his background. It is believed that he had not been in any other relationships before meeting his wife, Sasha.

Sources also strengthen this theory because the only photos and videos on the internet are of him and his wife. He is a very loyal and loving man towards his partner and his kids.

Sasha Lawrence’s Biography

DeMarcus Lawrence’s wife is an astounding woman. Having been born into a Mexican ethnicity, she shares many Latina features that most men are looking for.

It’s no surprise that a handsome man like him would get such an amazing lady as his wife. She is currently around the same age as the player, only slightly older than him by two years because she was born on April 2, 1990.

Like her husband, she is also slightly vocal about sharing her private life with the masses. Because of this, there is little to no information available regarding her background.

All we can do is wait for her to disclose any details about her life.

DeMarcus Lawrence’s Kids

Image of DeMarcus and Sasha Lawrence with their kids, Damari, Million, and Kal-el
DeMarcus and Sasha Lawrence with their kids, Damari, Million, and Kal-el

He and DeMarcus Lawrence’s wife share two children named Damari and Million. Their firstborn son Damari was conceived on May 15th, 2014, while their second child was born on September 23, 2020.

However, they are a big family because the football star embraced the kids that his wife had before in her previous relationships. They raise four children, including Sasha’s 15-year-old daughter Mariah and her 10-year-old son Kal-el.

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