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DeMarcus Cousins is Married to Wife: Morgan Lang. Kids: Vana, Amir.

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Image of DeMarcus Cousins with his wife, Morgan Lang

If you are a fan of basketball and sports in general, you know DeMarcus Cousins. He is an active professional basketball player currently signed to the Denver Nuggets.

Dubbed by many as the Boogie because of his slick and smooth moves on the court, Cousins is revered and respected by many athletes and fans. He has over a decade of experience playing in the biggest league in basketball.

Due to his raw skill and talent, NBA teams are eager to sign him so that he can play for them. The same reason why for the past 12 years that he has been in the league, he has already played with an approximate seven teams.

Moreover, he got several accolades to accompany his talent. He became a two-time gold medal winner of the US national basketball team and became one of the NBA’s All-Star players.

Who is the wife of basketball star DeMarcus Cousins? We’ll answer her personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

DeMarcus Cousins is Married to his Wife Morgan Lang since 2019

Image of DeMarcus Cousins with his wife, Morgan Lang
DeMarcus Cousins with his wife, Morgan Lang

The love story of these two lovebirds can be traced back to 2015. DeMarcus Cousins’ wife met him at an undisclosed event and location, but sources suggest that they became connected through friends of friends.

They kickstarted things just a bit after they met and went on to being girlfriend and boyfriend afterward. Their boyfriend-girlfriend status all ended when the athlete knelt on his knee and asked for his hand of Morgan in the 4th of July 2018.

It made their Independence Day a lot more special since they would remember their engagement throughout their lives. Not long after the proposal, the couple decided to tie the knot at the luxury hotel and resort in Atlanta known as The St. Regis Atlanta.

A star-studded basketball player and a beautiful wife only call for an expensive and lavish wedding.

DeMarcus Cousins Past Relationships and Ex-Wife

The celebrity did not have any former wives, as far as we know. However, he had a very terrible past involving her ex-girlfriend. Christy West is Cousins’ other half before meeting his future wife.

Malice, issues, in-fighting, controversies, and scandals are just some of the things that completed the relationship of the past lovers. Things just got worst when they ended their relationship.

One of the many instances of their arguments led to the star being charged with misdemeanor domestic violence and third-degree harassing communication. This incident was moved to court because the basketball player threatened to kill and hurt Christy because she did not want their son to go with him.

Morgan Lang’s Biography

Born in Mobile in Alabama, DeMarcus Cousins’ wife, Morgan Olivia Lang, is a beautiful woman. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Alabama State University in 2015.

Some people may recall that during that time, the athlete posted a story on his Instagram account that congratulated his then-girlfriend. Who knew that a simple celebratory act would lead to a long-lasting relationship and marriage?

Currently, she is known to be in the fashion retail industry. She sells bodysuits, shirts, and dresses, among many other things.

She owns the said business under Body Lang Boutique and has constantly been in production.

DeMarcus Cousins’ Kids

Image of Demarcus Cousins with his kids, Vana and Amir Cousins
Demarcus Cousins with his kids, Vana and Amir Cousins

The two children that the celebrity is raising right now are kids of his former partner Christy. Vana and Amir Cousins consider their father’s ex-partner as their biological parent.

Despite this, DeMarcus Cousins’ wife accepted the responsibility and situation of taking care of her husband’s children even though they are not her own. Their age is entirely anonymous, but it is confirmed that they are still minors, possibly around ten and below.

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