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DeAndre Jordan is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Bethany Gerber.

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Image of DeAndre Jordan with his girlfriend, Bethany Gerber

You probably know who Deandre Jordan is if you’ve watched the Lob City play. Hyland DeAndre Jordan Jr. is a professional basketball player that players in the NBA.

Jordan was one of the most prominent players of his era during his prime. His time with Los Angeles Clippers was the highlight of his career.

Deandre was drafted by the team in 2008. He was the 35th pick during the draft.

The star center was born on July 21, 1988. He spent most of his high school playing for the  Episcopal High School.

During Jordan’s senior year, he transferred to Christian Life Center Academy. Because of his fantastic play, he was named to the third-team Parade All-American.

In his college, Deandre went to Texas A&M University. He only spent a year with the team and immediately declared for the 2008 NBA Draft with high expectations.

Deandre had a significant impact on the Clippers during his rookie campaign. When low-post players of the team were injured, he was moved to the starting unit and performed well past expectations.

He continued to improve his game, and in 2015, he was named an NBA All-Defensive First Team. After this, he got an all-star selection in 2017.

Now, he plays for the Philadelphia 76ers. The basketball player eyes the Championship and helps the team reach the finals.

With the busy NBA career of the all-star center, does he have time to have a partner? We will answer this question in this article, so keep reading because we have all the information about Deandre Jordan’s wife in, the current future girlfriend: Bethany Gerber.

Deandre Jordan is Dating Bethany Gerber

Image of DeAndre Jordan with his girlfriend, Bethany Gerber
DeAndre Jordan with his girlfriend, Bethany Gerber

The all-star center has been great with women. He was linked to different girlfriends during his time in Los Angeles.

But Deandre currently has a partner. Jordan is dating Bethany Gerber.

Bethany is one of Deandre’s ex-teammates girlfriend. She dated the all-star forward Blake Griffin.

Could she be Deandre Jordan’s wife? Now, the two are dating for more than 2 years now.

The couple has been spotted repeatedly during Deandre’s NBA games. Fans are currently speculating about the lovebird’s status.

Bethany was seen with a ring on her finger. People see this as one step further for the two’s relationship.

But Bethany and Deandre are yet to confirm the rumors about their relationship.

Bethany Gerber’s Biography

Bethany Gerber is Deandre Jordan’s wife in the future and current girlfriend. She is a celebrity and was known for her Miss USA 2010.

Bethany studied at the prestigious University of Oklahoma. Deandre Jordan’s girlfriend has a degree in industrial engineering before becoming a model.

She also did some acting jobs in different films. Bethany appeared in movies such as The Bridemaker and Request.

Unfortunately, private details about Bethany are not disclosed to the public. We will update this once information about her are released.

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