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DC Young Fly is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Jacky Oh. Kids

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Image of DC Young Fly with his partner, Jacky Oh, and their kids

John Whitfield is prominently known as DC Young Fly. He is an internet sensation, host, artist, rapper, singer, and composer from the United States of America.

What made him famous was his roasting sessions content published on his Vine and Instagram account. Because of his content, he has been a regular cast of Wild ‘N Out.

It is a comedy show streaming on MTV, MTV2, and VH1. Furthermore, he is also a podcast host of the audiocast entitled 85 South Show. Despite the busy schedule of the composer, are there any updates with regards to DC Young Fly’s wife?

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DC Young Fly’s Dating Status          

Image of DC Young Fly with his partner, Jacky Oh
DC Young Fly with his partner, Jacky Oh

The artist frequently has his schedule fully packed, that is why it is a wonder whether he is married to a wife or dating a girlfriend. According to reports, he is in a committed relationship since 2015.

Their relationship is out and about on the public since they are both well-known figures in their respective fields. The presumptive DC Young Fly’s wife was identified to be under the name of Jacky Oh.

The rapper’s partner is a former cast of the series Wild ‘N Out. They reportedly met on the set and started their romantic relationship since then.

The couple admitted that it was not love at first sight. But after the show, they went on their own ways, but the composer went out of way to follow Jacky.

According to Jacky herself, there are no conversations about marriage yet. They are both relatively young, that is why they want to take their time.

Fans of the couple are waiting for the day when Jacky would be declared DC Young’s wife. For now, they respect whatever the duo’s decision is as long as they are happy.

Who is Jacky Oh?           

Jacky Oh is a model, television star, entrepreneur, and actress. Her name is mostly associated with DC Young Fly’s wife.

According to sources, she is a degree holder. The model attended and finished her college from the University of California.

Details about her personal and early life were not disclosed to the public. However, she enjoys her life today as an internet sensation.

She currently runs a YouTube channel with a subscriber count of 789,000. Her following base continuous to grow as she regularly uploads content about her life, especially as a mother.

The content creator also established a brand of her own. She is the owner of J Nova which offers a variety of lip gloss and an eyelash line.

Being married is not an issue for the model because she believes that you should not fix what is not broken as long as you are happy. She added that the perfect time would come for their marriage. 

DC Young Fly’s Kids        

Image of DC Young Fly with his partner, Jacky Oh, and their kids
DC Young Fly with his partner, Jacky Oh, and their kids

Despite being unmarried, the couple has shown their unconditional love for each other is not bounded by any rings. As of this writing, they have two beautiful children.

Their daughter, Nova, was born in October of 2016. Coming from a family of content creators, she is also a star herself running a YouTube channel with 99,000 subscribers.

In March of 2020, the duo excitedly announced the coming of their second child. It was documented on Jacky’s YouTube channel, including gender reveal video.

On the 7th of August 2020, the second daughter, Nala, was born. The content creators were blissed to have received a beautiful and healthy baby girl amidst the pandemic.

Their family is obviously an ideal one. The couple are proud of their baby girls for thriving at a young age.

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