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Daz Games is not married. Dating Girlfriend: Sohelia Clifford. Kids.

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Image of Daz Black with his girlfriend, Soheila Clifford

Daz Black is well-known for his Daz Games YouTube channel, with over 6 million subscribers. He has garnered a sizable fan base on his other social media platforms.

But one thing that piques the interest of his fans is whether he is married? Does he have a girlfriend? The famous content creator does have a girlfriend, and her name is Sohelia Clifford. They have been together since 2019.

Read this Wikipedia-type article if you want to know more about Daz Games’ love life.

How Daz Games Met His Girlfriend: Sohelia Clifford

The couple did not mention how they met; we will update this section when Daz Games reveals their love story. However, there are assumptions coming from the fans; since both of them are internet-famous stars and both have a background in the entertainment industry.

The assumptions of fans they have met online. It was easy for them to get to know each other as their information was available online.

While the fans are still speculating, we shall wait on their love story as it will be worth it, for sure!

Daz Games’ Dating History 

Image of Daz Black with his former partner, Kate, and their daughter, Sarah
Daz Black with his former partner, Kate, and their daughter, Sarah

Four years ago, Daz announced on his youtube channel that he broke up with his ex-wife, Kate. The old couple has a mutual decision in separating ways; they have a child, and it is a daughter.

Later on, we will reveal the information about Daz’s child in the latter part. The reason behind the break-up is not apparent. However, Daz says that it just does not work out anymore.

It was a hard time for the influencer as he needed to continue his regular days on Youtube and battle the fact that he was single. In 2019, Daz Games gave another love shot and is now dating Sohelia Clifford.

Together with Daz Games’ daughter from his ex-wife, they are now happy.

About Soheila Clifford


The vlogger’s current girlfriend, Sohelia Clifford, was a singer who happened to audition on the second series of Britain’s Got Talent when she was ten years old. In 2016, Sohelia Clifford competed on The X Factor’s national television when she was 18 years old.

Unfortunately, she was eliminated from the Judges Houses section of the show. Luckily, Sohelia Clifford had a secret record deal with Simon Cowell and Sony as part of a girl group.

Sheila Clifford did a fantastic job in her career. It was indeed a blessing for Daz Games when he met Sohelia and fell in love with her.

Daz Games’ Children

Image of Daz Black with his girlfriend, Soheila Clifford, and his daughter, Sarah
Daz Black with his girlfriend, Soheila Clifford, and his daughter, Sarah

The Youtuber had one daughter, and her name was Sarah. Regarding the relationship between Sohelia and Daz, it seems that Sarah is good with their relationship.

It was shown on their social media that they shared a great bond. It’s nice to know how Daz Games’ daughter accepted Sohelia Clifford as part of her family.

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