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Daymond John Wife Heather Taras and Kids

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Images of a media professional, Daymond and his wife, Heather

With enormous success in business and massive fame in tv industry, Daymond John is living the best time of his life. Daymond Garfield John is an American TV celebrity who appears on ABC’s Shark Tank as an investor. Born on February 19, 1969, Daymond worked his way up from selling flyers on the street to becoming the founder of FUBU. This is why millions of fans pay utmost respect to this 52-year-old businessman.

Gaining attention from millions of people worldwide indeed generates interest in one’s personal life, and Daymond John was no different. After a failed marriage life in the past, fans wondered if Daymond is married or still single in 2021. It has come to light that the proud owner of $300 million worth of assets is married once again.

Given that Daymond is a busy man, he rarely has time to brag a long detail on his wife. But lucky for him, Daymond wedded a woman who followed the same business niche this time around.

Who is Daymond John Married to?

It is no doubt that a media professional like Daymond John is a married man as he often attends events and appears on tv with his wife. Daymond John is currently married to a white woman named Heather Taras, a beautiful, bold, and slightly taller woman.

Although Heather is a wife of a multimillionaire businessman with prominent status in TV, she has maintained a low profile status. Heather is still younger than Daymond being in her 40s. Reports have it that Heather shares the same profession as her husband in the clothing industry. Moreover, Heather rocks every clothes she wears and often mentions the brand. It seems that Heather is getting a successful career as a business venturer and commercialization expert.

But Heather is a social media charm with 13k followers who posts plenty of fashionable images of herself that can appeal to anyone. As of late, Heather uploads plenty of pictures with her daughters and her husband.

Daymond John looking happy with his wife, Heather Taras
A media professional, Daymond John, and his wife, Heather Taras.

First Meeting

Details regarding Heather and Daymond’s initial meeting are not available. But some sources claim that Heather and Daymond met in 2012. Perhaps it was in the first conversation that Heather’s beauty spun Daymond.

The sports enthusiast CEO of FUBU made sacrifices to make Heather marry him. Gifted with appealing looks, Daymond’s wife has worked herself to have an aesthetic figure. But Heather hates men who liked sports, and that was one condition Heather put forward before marrying Daymond. But since Daymond was head over heels for Heather, he promised not to watch any sports ever in his life.

Married Life

Daymond announced his engagement with Heather in 2016. For the engagement ring, Daymond personally ordered an expensive custom-made ring. Sources claim that this engagement ring was a 9.5-carat slick emerald-cut diamond ring which is priceless.

What is more interesting about Daymond’s proposal to Heather was that he proposed Heather on The Shark Tank‘s set. Moreover, it was on fronts of stars like Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary, and Lori Greiner, and the crowd’s roar made this moment even memorable for the two. Confetti and streamers were blowing all around the duo. John was nervous because he feared Heather might reject him, causing him to be embarrassed in front of these people.


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After the next two years, Heather and Daymond wedded in a private venue where only their close friends and families could attend. Daymond united the girl of his dream on September 23, 2018.

So far, everything seems to be going correctly in Heather and Daymond’s married life. In 2017, Heather’s husband had a death scare when he had thyroid cancer. This delayed their wedding, but alas, everything is fine now.

John and Heather are busy in their respective careers but also spend plenty of time together. Previously, John separated from his ex-wife due to being too busy. Perhaps this fear made John spend more time with his family. On Heather’s Instagram post, the family of three often visited places like beaches, ski mountains, etc.

Daymond John and Heather Taras Children

Before John could marry Heather, the two conceived a baby named Minka Jagger on March 2, 2016. It was around the same day when John engaged with his now-wife. This was Heather’s first child and John’s third. Previously, he had Destiny and Yasmeen from John’s ex-wife, Margot John. But Heather is willing to give motherly love to her stepchildren. Though rarely but Yasmeen and Destiny make appearances on Heather’s Instagram.

Heather Taras with her baby girl and husband, Daymond John
Daymond John with his daughter and wife, Heather Taras.

Nonetheless, the 5-year-old Minka has been garnering love from everyone, including the fans. At six months old, Minka could witness her parents’ engagement. Currently, Minka is living a lavish life with his mother and father, who are worth millions.

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