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Daym Drops is Married to Wife: Ramyr Gonzales. Kids.

Image of Daym Drops with his wife, Ramyr Gonzales

A food critic that went viral on YouTube in 2012 by giving reviews on the different food chains, Five Guys takeout meal is Daymon Patterson Drops, best known as his stage name, Daym Drops. His video quickly became trending on social media, and the Gregory Brothers thought of writing a song about it.

He eventually got a chance to host a show that aired in 2013 in a Travel Channel food review called Best Day Takeout. Before his rise to fame, he worked as a manager in retail establishments, particularly in Walmart; he then switched his career to become a full-time worker as a takeout fast food reviewer.

He has been interviewed on different channels, including NBS News and Gawker; he also had an opportunity to become a guest star on Epic Meal Time in an episode titled, Luther Lasagna. He was also invited as a guest on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.’ As he appeared in Burger King and Popeye’s, an opportunity as a commercial artist was also put over him.

By himself, he travels to different locations and gives a review to fast food restaurants while driving; Mcdonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, and Jack in the Box are some of the fast-food chains he features. A name was given to him by Chase of The Daily Dot,The Most Entertaining Food Reviewers on YouTube.

Who is Daym Drops Wife? Learn more about his personal life by reading the article below.

Daym Drops has been Married to his Wife, Ramyr Gonzales, since 2012


You might be wondering if Daym Drops wife is well-known; his long-time companion is also a YouTube personality that has been with him through ups and downs.

Daym Drops’ wife’s name is Ramyr Gonzales. A simple yet supportive wife of Daym Drops, who has been with him before his sudden popularity.

Reports claim that he and Ramyr Gonzales had already met before becoming food critics on YouTube. Their marriage was uploaded on his channel in 2012 with a small yet beautiful ceremony.

Daym Drops’ Past Relationships

Daym Drops is said to be secretive about his personal life; however, it is known that he has been married and divorced once before meeting his current wife. Rumors have been floating around on the internet that he met his first wife and married her in his teenage years when he was in his early 20s.

He is still not open about any other woman in his life. We will update this article once Daym Drops reveal something about his romantic life.

Ramyr Gonzales’ Biography

Aside from being Daym Drops’ wife, there is no disclosed information about her family or other relatives. For now, information about her and her relatives is currently unavailable.

Over the years, he and his wife shared countless wonderful memories as Ramyr Gonzales often appears in her husbands channel. This couple seemed content and happy with each other.

Daym Drops’ Kids

Even though the first marriage of Daym Drops resulted in painful separation, their union followed the arrival of a daughter named Daij. Kaitlyn Patterson was born after exchanging vows in his second marriage.

His two daughter was very close to him, and he did not fail to showcase his love for them by taking them out on their special days despite his busy schedules.

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