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David Strathairn is Married to Wife: Logan Goodman. Kids: Tay, Ebberly

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Image of David Strathairn with his wife, Logan Goodman

A Primetime Emmy Award winner, David Strathairn is undoubtedly one of the most gifted performers working today. His career dates back to 1979, and it’s terrific to see him still dazzle audiences with his incredible talent.

Another aspect of David’s life that has lasted as long as his career as an actor is his marriage to Logan Goodman’s wife in 1980. David and his wife, Logan, had been married for nearly four decades, and there was one thing that pulled them together.

David Strathairn is Married to Wife: Logan Goodman.

Image of David Strathairn with his wife, Logan Goodman
David Strathairn with his wife, Logan Goodman

There are reports that Logan Goodman was a young nurse when she met David Strathairn. It is still unknown how the two fell in love with each other, but there are theories that these love birds started the first chapter of their romantic story on the set where David Starthaim is working.

Logan Goodman worked as a production assistant in the movie. This movie is where David Strathairn was a cast member, “Return of the Secaucus Seven.” The theory was solidified when Logan and David got married a year before the movie was released in 1979.

About Logan Goodman

Before they met, David Strathairn’s wife, Logan Goodman, was a nurse before they met each other. Her career flexibility made her find her true love as she also worked as a production assistant in a movie where David is a cast member.

There is not so much about Logan Goodman; her information about education, ethnicity, age, and life before and after she met the actor is not yet updated. But rest assured that once that information is revealed.

Rumors and Controversies

David Strathairn and Logan Goodman do not have many rumors about their love lives. The couple has been loyal to each other since 1980, and their relationship is getting stronger as the years pass.

Isn’t it intriguing how these two do not have any rumors or controversies in their relationship for the past four decades? But of course those four decades, it is impossible that these two do not have their difficulties together.

It is their bond and relationship that made their relationship stronger and continues but we respect their privacy as their relationship matters are almost kept away from the public.

David Strathairn and Logan Goodman’s Children

The couple does have children. They have two sons named Tay and Ebberly Strathairn. Tay has been working his best to be an actor, and also he is a part of the band Dawes. David Strathairn’s son, Tay, seems to follow as an actor or celebrity in his footsteps.

Ebberly Strathairn, on the other hand, may have taken a different path since he has his design firm and is also a house-trained designer. His design firm is based in New York City, and he does have a lot of experience in designing buildings.

As a parent of these two sons, David Strathairn and Logan Goodman might be so proud of their children as they were doing well in their lives as an adult. It is indeed satisfactory for parents like them.

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