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Is David Freiburger Married to Wife? or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of David Freiburger

Hot Rod magazine had an amazing Editor in Chief David Freiburger. David is a reality television show star and automotive connoisseur.

Before leaving the car magazine, he was the previous Editor in Chief of Hot Rod and Hot Rod Deluxe. Now, he hosts the hit tv show Roadkill, which features cars and automotive-related stuff.

David started his love for cars during his youth. In 1983, he bought his first car when he was 15 years old.

He pursued his passion for cars and worked in the automotive industry. His first job in the industry was selling Dodge cars in a dealership.

After some time, David went on to be a mechanic to focus on the hands-on work with cars. This is where he started to gain more profound knowledge about his passion.

Because of his experience, he landed a job in a factory that manufactures after-market car ignitions. This high position made the car industry people aware of David’s skills.

The tv star got an offer to work as Hot Rod Magazine’s Editor-in-chief. This made David one of the pillars of the car magazine industry during his time.

He worked for the magazine for 30 years. He left in February 2022 and said it would be his last editorial column.

Now, Freiburger focuses on his other careers. He mainly works on the episodes of the hit car show Roadkill.

Curious about the celebrity’s life? Read this article as we reveal more information about David Freiburgur’s wife and relationship.

Is David Freiburger Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of David Freiburger
David Freiburger is a popular American Automotive Expert, Reality TV Show Star, and the Editor In Chief of HOT ROD and HOT ROD Deluxe.

David Freiburger is one of the most prominent personalities in the car entertainment industry. He is well known not only to men interested in automotive but also to women who became fans of the celebrity.

But the car guy has not been linked with anyone. According to sources, David wants to separate his work from his private life.

The celebrity has not shared anything about his romantic relationships nor any information about David Freiburgur’s wife. He hopes to keep it exclusive and away from the show business.

David has a deep love and passion for automotive and its industry. Fans hope that someday,  details about David Freiburgur’s wife will be available.

We stand by and wait for information about Freiburger’s relationship status. This article will be updated once details are revealed to the public.

David Freiburger’s Biography

The host was born on August 12, 1968. All his life he has been interested in cars.

David has a mouth-watering collection of classic and vintage cars. The celebrity boasts a Dodge Super Bee that he worked on for most of his life.

He also owns a 1969 Ford Mustang that he uses for daily driving. With David’s passion for automotive, he looks to add more to his collection.

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