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David Fizdale is Married to Wife: Natasha Sen Fizdale. Kids.

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Image of David and Natasha Sen Fizdale with their son, Maximilian Sol Fizdale

David Sean Fizdale, addressed as David Fizdale, is one of the best and most experienced professional coaches in the National Basketball Association or NBA. His coaching career started in 1998 when he led the San Diego Torero men’s basketball team.

He finally got the chance to enter the mentioned league when the Golden State Warriors recruited him in the 2003 season. His career met its peak in 2012 and 2013 when the team he coached, Miami Heat, won two consecutive championships.

Currently, he is serving as an assistant coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. His effective plays and training led the subject’s team and career to bag numerous wins and trophies, but more importantly, he is also winning in life with his special someone.

Meet David Fizdale’s wife and family in this Wikipedia-type biography.

David Fizdale has been Married to Natasha Fizdale since 2014

Image of David Fizdale with his wife, Natasha Sen Fizdale
David Fizdale with his wife, Natasha Sen Fizdale

Coach Fiz has had a happy and healthy married life with his wife, Natasha Fizdale, since August 2014. The couple held their wedding ceremony on a beach in San Diego, California, and was attended by basketball players and executives of the Heat.

It is reported that their foundation in love is quite substantial because they had been dating for years before they tied the knot. The pair are also quite expressive on social media as they are fond of updating their followers with different snaps about themselves.

So far, they have been married for almost a decade, but there are no records of negative news and rumors about them, giving Natasha a secured label of being David Fizdale’s wife. They have been blessed with one child, whom they welcomed in the latter part of 2020.

David Fizdale’s Past Relationships

The Lakers assistant coach had a previous relationship before meeting his current spouse. The identity of his ex-partner is not disclosed to the public, as he prefers to keep that detail private.

It is not known if the woman had been David Fizdale’s wife, but their relationship resulted in the birth of one boy, making the coach a father of two children.

Natasha Fizdale’s Short Biography 

Image of Natasha Sen Fizdale
Natasha Sen Fizdale is the founder of The Creative Penny and the wife of the NBA coach.

Natasha Fizdale, nee Sen, is the celebrity wife of the playmaker. She came into this world on the 10th of June, 1985, making her 37 years old in just a few months.

Even though her husband is in the center of the limelight, she lives an everyday life and shares only a few details about her personal life. The identity of her parents and other family members is not disclosed to the public.

We will update this page immediately once we get more information about the matter. Natasha graduated from OCAD University, where she finished her course and earned her bachelor’s degree in Marketing.

At present, she resides in Miami, Florida, with her family. She is the creative director of a local marketing firm named, The Creative Penny.

The netizens seem to like her as over 100,000 of them follow her Instagram account under the handle @natasha_sen. She lives comfortably with an estimated net worth of $500,00.

David Fizdale’s Kids 

Image of David and Natasha Sen Fizdale with their son, Maximilian Sol Fizdale
David and Natasha Sen Fizdale with their son, Maximilian Sol Fizdale

Aside from being a leader of basketball teams, Fizdale is also a father to his two children, Kyle Jackson, and Maximilian Sol Fizdale. Kyle Jackson Fizdale is the son of the prominent coach with his former partner.

He is 29 years old, as he was born in 1993. His details are well-hidden from the public.

Maximilian Sol Fizdale is the youngest son of the NBA coach. He was born in December 2020 and is expected to live a comfortable life in the future.

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