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David Berry is Married to Wife: Kristina Tesic. Kids: Alexander Berry.

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Image of David Berry with his wife, Kristina Tesic

If you watch the series, A Place To Call Home and Outlander, you probably notice David Berry. He is an Australian actor and best recognized for his appearances on A Place To Call Home and Outlander on Starz as James Bligh and Lord John Grey.

Moreover, Berry’s first professional role was as a guest star in an episode of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Now we will get deeper into David Berry’s personal life.

The Australian actor is happily married to his wife, Kristina Tesic. They married way back in 2012, and also they held a private ceremony in Australia.

Know more about David Berry’s married life here! Keep reading!

How David Berry met his wife, Kristina Tesic

Regarding the story of how they met and how their love story started, there is no information shared yet. But rest assured, the report will be updated as soon as they reveal their romantic tale.

Despite the lack of information on how they met, it is evident that the married couple is living their best life with each other as there are no rumors that can taint their relationship.

Kristina Tesic’s Biography

Image of David Berry with his wife, Kristina Tesic

David Berry with his wife, Kristina Tesic

Born on June 15, 1982, this lovely lady lived in the United States and moved to Australia with her husband, David Berry. As for her religion, at the age of 35, she belonged to a Christian community.

Before her acting career, she worked as a model. She is also an actress but in America, as she has a role in Turbines.

As for her dating history, David Berry is not the first guy she dated, but of course, you can see that she is content and happy with her husband, David Berry, as he was her first guy to marry.

David Berry’s Controversies and Rumors

David Berry had a considerable challenge as Lord John Grey in Outlander, as there is a raunchy moment with his co-actor Sam Heughan. According to his statement, it was a bit awkward since it was his first time doing the scene with the same sex.

Actors indeed have their significant challenges as they continue in this type of career even though they are already married.

David Berry’s wife, Kristina Tesic, did not say anything about the series. Well, of course, she will understand the challenge that her husband faced during the set as she was also an actress before.

Other than that, David Berry and Kristina Tesic do not have any rumors or controversies about their relationship. Since David Berry never dated a lady in an extramarital relationship, there were no scandals and speculations about his love life.

Look how happy he is as he marries his wife, Kristina Tesic.

David Berry’s Kids. 

On September 19, 2016, after being married for four years, David Berry and Kristina Tesic were blessed with a son. The couple named their child Alexander Berry.

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