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Is Davey Havok Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend?

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Image of Davey Havok

David Paden Marchand, commonly addressed by his stage name Davey Havok is a prominent American singer and instrumentalist. He gained the public’s attention by being a lead vocalist in various rock bands such as AFI, XTRMST, Son of Sam, and Blaqk Audio.

He started to show and improve his craft professionally since his debut in 1991, together with high school and college friends. Throughout his career, he created hit songs such as Girl’s Not Grey (2003), The Days of the Phoenix (2000), and The Killing Lights (2006).

The singing sensation also appeared on several projects on the big and small screens, which showed his fans that he is a man of multiple talents. After having a brief look at the subject’s summary, it is time to learn the details about his personal and dating life.

Keep reading this Wikipedia-type biography and learn the updates about Davey Havok. Who is Davey Havok’s wife?

Is Davey Havok Married to Wife?

Image of Davey Havok
Davey Havok is an American singer and musician. He is known as the lead vocalist of the rock band called AFI.

Due to the rock star’s extensive experience and run in the music industry, his fans and listeners grew curious about the people who support him. Well, we are sure that it is not Davey Havok’s wife, as he is not married at present, and is not also involved in a romantic relationship.

His love life is not stale as he was once in a relationship with a Hollywood actress named Monica Parker. The former couple was so serious about loving each other that they decided to be engaged at some point in 2001, however, their relationship ended eventually, due to undisclosed reasons.

Although the vocalist is assumed as single, he is also said to be dating a model named Brittany Bowen. The claims are backed up with pictures of each other posted on the internet, showing their closeness to each other, but the alleged pair did not confirm nor theiry the allega them.

At present, it seems like he is contented in keeping his career and making more music for the people as he does not share any plan to name any girl as Davey Havok’s wife.

Davey Havok’s Short Biography

The veteran rock-star came into this world with the name, David Paden Passaro, and was born on the 20th of November, 1975, in Rochester, New York. Because of his father’s early passing when the celebrity was only five years old, there are not many records about the old man, but his mother is known to be Penny Marchand.

He grew up in Sacramento, California, where his mom remarried. Per his educational background, he graduated high school at Ukiah High School, and briefly attended the University of California – Berkely campus.

He met his bandmates in the said school, and the rest is history. As stated earlier, he also works in front of the camera, as he appeared in films such as Knife Fight (2012), and Godkiller (2009).

Fans are expecting to see more projects, shows, and songs from the prime singer, and for them to meet Davey Havok’s wife in the near future. He has an estimated net worth of $20 Million, and a massive record of followers, being more than 100,000 on Instagram.

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