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Is Dave Roever Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Dave Roever with his wife, Brenda Roever

A patriot who bravely served his country and who subsequently became a public speaker is Dave Roever, who survived miraculously from his scathing injury. In the midst of the Vietnam War, he bravely joined the U.S. Navy, particularly the elite Brown Black Beret in Vietnam as a river boat gunner.

During his tour duty, eight months after he was assigned to Vietnam, Dave Roever met a turmoil that almost put an end to his life when a phosphorous grenade exploded in his hand. He was left hospitalized for 14 months, and because of that situation, he was burned beyond recognition, and his survival was instead a miracle.

Thirty-four years later, after the recovery from his devastating injury, the U.S Department of the Navy gave Dave Roever a Purple Heart award along with several medals for his other services to the military. In recent years, he became a public speaker, nationally and internationally. With his sense of vehemence in speaking, he often says in military installations, youth conventions, and public schools.

In every location of his public speaking, Dave Roever’s message is all about hope, using his past experiences as an example, addressing to his audience that there is always a concrete solution to everyone’s problem. His story touches every individual’s heart as he makes way to divulge his message of encouragement that the foundation of faith is important in one’s life.

Who is Dave Roever’s Wife? We’ll answer this question by reading the article below.

Is Dave Roever Married to Wife?

Image of Dave Roever with his wife, Brenda Roever
Dave Roever with his wife, Brenda Roever

Dave Roever has a loving and scrupulous wife that fully supports him in his path, and she is Brenda Roever. However, Dave Roever’s wife is already on the premises of God after bravely fighting the complication of COVID-19 last March 2021 at the age of 71.

Dave Roever’s wife is the co-founder of The Eagle’s Summit Ranch ministries near Westcliffe in Colorado and Texas. Together with Dave Roever and their team, they help and train wounded military soldiers in recovering after experiencing detrimental injuries. Brenda Roever is also known for having a faithful relationship with his husband.

With 53 years of marriage with Brenda Roever, it is possible that Dave Roever might not be able to recover from his wife’s passing away immediately. Inside their long relationship, there is no doubt that their relationship is far more fearless than any other married couple.

Dave Roever’s Biography

Dave Roever came from a loving family in South Texas. After his unfathomable experience in July 1969 in Vietnam, he spent his life speaking in front of a crowd. His military service in the Special Warfare Division only lasted for three years, from 1968-1971.

Numerous awards that he gained are the Purple Heart Medal, Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon, National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal with 3 Bronze Stars, Republic of Vietnam, and Meritorious Unit Citation. These are the result of his dedication and the heroic trait he showcased throughout his service in the military.

He is also the chairman, founder, and president of two non-profit corporations, Roever Evangelistic Association (REA) and Roever Educational Assistance Programs (REAP) under Fort Worth in Texas. He is a father of two children, Mathew Roever and Kimberly Chapin, and a grandfather of four grandchildren, any information about these is not disclosed

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