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Dave Matthews Wife: Jennifer Ashley Harper. Kids: Grace Ann, Stella, August Oliver.

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Image of Dave Matthews

Dave Matthews is the frontman for DMB, a band named after him. Other than that, he is a singer-songwriter and the proprietor of a music record label.

At 55 years old, Matthews has already received two Grammy Awards.

Equally famous is Dave Matthews’ wife, Jennifer Ashley Harper. She is an American celebrity wife and philanthropist who has been linked to multiple NGOs over the years.

Moreover, she is also a key figure over at Blenheim Vineyards. Examine several details about Jennifer Harper, her wedding, and her kids.

Who is Jennifer Ashley Harper?

Image of Dave Matthews

Dave Matthews is a musician, band artist, and a record producer

Jennifer Ashley Harper is a wine enthusiast, businesswoman, and humanitarian. She and her husband are credited for launching Dreaming Tree Wines.

This is a brand they developed more than two years ago. In an interview, Matthews admitted that his wife was the main driving force behind the wine project.

After some encouragement from Jennifer, Dave contacted his head winemaker. They then proceeded to make their new brand of rosé. Jennifer and her husband went on a wine tasting bender, noting what they liked, crossing out what they didn’t

. By 2019, they had realized their dream as they released the official Dreaming Tree Wines Rosé. Connoisseurs described the new product as crisp and light.

The couple even added fruits like strawberries and watermelons to improve the taste.

According to Jennifer, their wine is the perfect wine for early mornings.

Digging further into Jennifer’s background, we uncovered that she is a licensed medical professional. She is a naturopathic doctor, to be exact.

Harper reportedly picked up her medical degree at Bastyr University, based in Seattle. Whether or not she still practices medicine is up for debate, however.

Jennifer Ashley Harper’s Age and Birthday

Jennifer Ashley Harper was born on November 30th, 1967, in America. She is set to turn 55-years old before Christmas.

Moreover, she is a Sagittarius. This hints at a positive and adventurous spirit. After all, she did marry a rock star! Speaking about her husband.

Dave and Jennifer’s Wedding.

Image of Dave Matthews' wife, Jennifer Ashley Harper

Dave Matthews’ wife, Jennifer Ashley Harper

The first time Jennifer and her husband met was during a university Halloween costume party.

Remarkably, Dave had rocked up with a yellow shaved head, a leather jacket, and more eye-make-up than a drag queen.

Dave instantly felt attracted to Harper after seeing her; the same wasn’t the case for the latter.

Jennifer understandably thought that Dave was more interested in men than women at the time.

They’d meet up again after, this time minus all the make-up. A relationship would develop soon after, and by the turn of the millennium, Jennifer and Dave were ready for marriage.

According to several sources, their wedding took place on August 10th, 2000. As of 2021, they have been together for more than two decades.

There is no doubt that the two love each other. Back when she was in med school, Dave sacrificed to relocate to Seattle so that his wife could continue with her education.

Dave and Jennifer’s Children.

Image of Dave Matthews with his family

Dave Matthews with his family

To date, Jennifer and her husband Dave have three kids. Remarkably, their first two children were twins.

Grace Anne and Stella Busina were born on August 15th, 2001, after their parents tied the knot.

As we speak, they are set to turn 21 this year. The twins are also at an age that suggests that they are in college.

Matthews revealed that his girls served as the inspiration for his fantasy book, ‘If we were giants.’ He wrote the book when the girls were 6-years old, adventurous, and constantly climbing trees.

Jennifer’s youngest child, August Oliver Matthews, was born on June 19th, 2007. As such, he is only 14-years old.

Jennifer Harper’s Wikipedia – info 

Full name Jennifer Ashley Harper
Age 53 years old.
Date of Birth November 30th, 1967
Place of Birth United States of America
Profession Doctor, Wine Enthusiast, Celebrity Wife
Net worth $1 million
Partner Dave Matthews
Kids Three
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Parents Under review

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