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Darnell Ferguson is Married to Wife: Tatahda. 8 Kids

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Image of Darnell Ferguson with his wife, Tatahda

Food Network’s Tournament of Champions gathers the best chefs worldwide. The show has turned many chefs’ lives over and has given them sudden success. One of them is Darnell Ferguson.

The show’s breakout star is Darnell Ferguson. Darnell is a world-renowned chef that is prominent for his unique cooking style and experimental dishes.

The 33-year-old chef was born in Philadelphia. Early in his life, their family struggled financially.

Ferguson was a diligent student and finished high school. But the chef did not continue to college immediately because of his troubles with his personal life.

He instead went under training and honed his cooking skills. He studied under vocational training to be ready for the culinary world.

The chef/celebrity worked through many jobs during this time, but he still had his dreams of becoming a world-class chef. Darnell continued his studies at the prestigious Sullivan University.

He graduated with a culinary degree and went on to work in the industry. But his employment did not come as easy as he expected.

Darnell got jobs in different restaurants and shops. However, the chef always gets fired because of his attitude and hot-headedness.

But Darnell got his life turned over after his friend hired him to cook in his new restaurant. This made him find the path he took to be a great chef.

Curious about the chef’s life? Read this article as we reveal more information about Darnell Ferguson’s wife Tatahda, and their relationship.

Darnell Ferguson is Married to Wife: Tatahda

Image of Darnell Ferguson with his wife, Tatahda
Darnell Ferguson with his wife, Tatahda

They say that the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But Darnell and Tatahda’s relationship is not the case.

The famous chef is married to a lovely woman, Tatahda. It is said that Darnell’s wife got her heart melted with his cooking.

The two have been together for quite some time now.  Darnell and Tatahda currently live with their family.

The couple also is active with their social media accounts. They share their daily life and relationship on their Instagram account, posting photos with their family as they enjoy their time together.

Tatahda Ferguson’s Biography

Tatahda Ferguson is Darnell Ferguson’s wife. She has been seen supporting his husband throughout his celebrity and chef career.

The chef’s wife also helps manage their restaurants. The couple opened a restaurant in Louisville called the SuperChefs, where Tatahda was spotted a couple of times.

Unfortunately, Darnell Ferguson’s wife and her details are not revealed to the public. We will update this once information about her is released.

Darnell Ferguson’s Kids

Image of Darnell Ferguson and Tatahda with their kids
Darnell Ferguson and Tatahda with their kids

Like Chef Darnell Ferguson’s cooking skills, it is surprising that he is a father of 8 kids. Sadly, Darnell kept their lives private to avoid controversies.

The large family is currently living in Louisville, near their restaurant chains.

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