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Darius Slay is Married to Wife: Jennifer Slay. Kids.

Image of Darius Slay with his wife, Jennifer Slay

65th highest-paid athlete in the year 2020, he is known for his play in the National Football League (NFL) in the position of cornerback. He is Darius Demetrius Slay Jr, best known as Darius Slay. One of the most active NFL players, leading the NFL with 109 pass deflections and 20 interceptions in the consecutive years of 2013 and 2014.

Before being drafted by Philadelphia Eagles, he first played with the Detroit Lions. Since then, he rose to fame and eventually became one of the most prominent individuals in American football in the position of Cornerbacks. Before ascending to the top, he took part in Brunswick High School as a running back and defensive back and earned All-State honors.

In his senior year, he was chosen to play in the All-Star Game, Georgia North-South. His career in playing football continued until Darius Slay had an opportunity to sign an endorsement and sponsorship to a well-known sports brand, Nike, in 2016.

Moreover, Captain Planet and the Planeteers have also signed a contract with him, and after only a couple of weeks, their released limited edition jersey sold out. This star of the NFL is the absolute epitome of success in every athlete, his skills and passion for football led him to achieve every dream of an athlete.

Who is Darius Slay’s Wife? Learn more about his personal life by reading the article below.

Darius Slay has been Married to his Wife: Jennifer Slay, since 2018

Image of Darius Slay with his wife, Jennifer Slay

Darius Slay with his wife, Jennifer Slay

You might wonder who is the lucky woman that got Darius Slay’s heart, and she is none other than Jennifer Slay, an American model most known as Darius Slay’s wife. After exchanging messages back in 2015, they later decided to have their first date after attending the Oklahoma City Thunder Game.

Since then, they became a lovely pair that eventually exchanged vows in June 2018. Darius Slay expressed how Jennifer Slay helps him to mature to become a better version of himself as a person and as a player. They also indicated that they are stable and happy with their marriage.

Darius Slay’s Past Relationships

Like other celebrities, Darius Slay keeps his personal and romantic life private. Rumors about his dating history vary. He at least had one past relationship before he met his sweet wife.

At least, he never got engaged before Jennifer Slay. We will get back to this article once Darius Slay talks about his relationship history.

Jennifer Slay’s Biography

Let us move forward on Darius Slay’s wife and see a quick overview of her background; Jennifer Slay is a native of Clinton, Oklahoma, and a former basketball star. There is no specific information about his family. However, some sources spoke of Kelly Gaunt as her mother.

She proudly graduated from Clinton High School in 2012 before entering Southwestern Oklahoma State University, where she secured a position as a guard on the women’s basketball team. People best recognized him as the lovely wife of NFL Star Darius Slay.

Darius Slay’s Kids

Image of Darius Slay with his wife, Jennifer Slay, and their kids

Darius Slay with his wife, Jennifer Slay, and their kids

The couple is a parent to four children, with their biological daughter, born in February 2017, Desirae Slay, he had a son at the age of 14, Darion. He qualified for a draft while being a father, thanks to his mother’s support and care, he also had another son named Demetrius with another lady, and he also became a father to Trent, Jennifer Slay’s son from her past relationship.

The couple frequently posts about their family on social media sites, and there, we can see how they are on parenting their children. They are making sure each of the four gets equal attention.

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