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Darius Leonard is Married to Wife: Kayla Leonard. Kids.

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Image of Darius and Kayla Leonard with their daughter, Laila Quinn Leonard

Darius Shaquille Leonard, better known by his nickname Darius Leonard, is an outside linebacker for the Indianapolis Colts NFL. He received a college football scholarship to play for the South Carolina State Bulldogs and was selected by the Indianapolis Colts in the second round of the 2018 NFL Draft.

Leonard finished first in the tournament in tackles as a rookie, and he was given the name First-Team All-Pro and Defensive Rookie of the Year. In the offseason after his rookie year, he was voted into the NFL Top 100, and he has remained there ever since.

As a result of Leonard’s active and fruitful performance on the field, his teammates affectionately refer to him as “Maniac.” Do you want to know who the outside linebacker Darius Leonard’s wife is and their kids together?

Then continue reading to learn more.

Darius is Married to Wife Kayla Leonard since 2018

Image of Darius Leonard with his wife, Kayla Leonard
Darius Leonard with his wife, Kayla Leonard

When they were young, Darius Leonard and his future wife Kayla were classmates in kindergarten. The linebacker stated that he had to have been around five or six years old when they first met and that they had even been in the same class together.

Despite this, it wasn’t until the 11th grade that the two formally started dating. At first, they hung out together at a party for a mutual friend.

Kayla, just like Darius, was very active in school sports, which served as a common ground for the two of them. Leonard mentioned that his wife played sports during an interview, specifically softball, basketball, and volleyball.

She excelled at all three of the sports in which she participated. He stated that he admired an athlete who was equally as good in their sport as he was.

After graduating from high school, Darius continued his football career at South Carolina State. Despite Kayla’s participation in softball for Claflin University, the two of them saw their relationship grow stronger over time.

During his senior year, Darius made his proposal to Kayla right in the middle of the football field at his school. When Darius was in Tampa preparing for the NFL Draft, Kayla supported him back at home by working as an algebra teacher for ninth graders.

Additionally, he mentioned that they went ahead and legally tied the knot a few weeks after Darius was drafted. In addition to this, he stated that he did not want his wife ever to have to work again and that he wanted her to relocate with him.

In addition to this, he desired for it to be made public and official. Kayla likes to joke that they wanted to get married so badly that she met him at a courthouse one day after work to tie the knot.

They did, however, have their official wedding ceremony a few months later in front of a large number of their friends and family members.

Kayla Leonard Biography

The Maniac Foundation is a charitable organization, and Kayla serves as the organization’s vice president and is a fellow benefactor. In the year 2020, she and her significant other, Darius, launched the company.

They are providing training and health assistance to oppressed network communities. It is believed that Darius Leonard’s wife is between the ages of 25 and 30, even though she has not yet disclosed her actual date of birth.

Kayla was born in the city of Lakeview in the state of South Carolina. In Dillon, South Carolina, she spent her childhood alongside her three siblings, namely Taylor Maria Brown, Chelsea Anna, and Iman Anna James.

In addition, Darius Leonard’s wife is a member of the graduating class from Claflin University.

Darius Leonard Kids

I. Mia Leonard

Image of Darius Leonard with his daughter, Mia Leonard
Darius Leonard with his daughter, Mia Leonard

She was the eldest daughter of the outside linebacker Darius Leonard with his wife Kayla. Mia was born On 28 March 2019 and is currently three years old.

II. Laila Quinn Leonard

She was the youngest daughter of Darius with his lovely wife Kayla. Laila was born on 4 June 2021 and is almost a year old.Click here! Are you interested in the outside linebacker Darius Leonard and his wife and their kids together? Then read this article to learn more.

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