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Danny Fenster is Married to Wife: Juliana Silva.

Image of Danny Fenster with his wife, Juliana Silva

Danny Fenster is a famous American journalist raised in a town in Michigan. He currently works as a managing editor for a local news magazine, Frontier Myanmar. He graduated from Columbia College Chicago and Wayne State University, where he received a master’s in Creative Writing.

One interesting incident in his career was in 2021 when he was charged for incitement by spreading the news about the Burmese coup d’état that was staged in February 2021. Danny was charged at the Myanmar court and received a sentence of 11 years in prison.

Luckily, he was released on November 15th and returned to his family. Keep reading to know more about Danny Fenster’s wife! 

Danny Fenster is Married to his Wife: Juliana Silva.

Image of Danny Fenster
Danny Fenster is an American journalist. He is the managing editor of Frontier Myanmar, a local news magazine.

Juliana Silva is a famous web designer and wife to journalist Danny Fester. She was born in 1984, which makes her currently 38 years old.

Danny Fenster’s wife also has an American nationality. Not much information is known about her educational background, as she likes to keep her personal information private.

However, she currently works as a web designer. Following the arrest of her husband, Juliana has been keeping a low profile and no longer engaged with people via social media.

Additionally, she deleted her official Instagram account page. It is now difficult to trace what she has been doing after the release of her husband as she has no social media account except her Twitter profile which she used to create awareness about Danny’s detainment.

Danny Fenster’s Relationship

Danny Fenster and Juliana Silva have been dating for quite some time before they finally settled down in marriage in April 2021. The two had a private wedding only attended by their close friends and family.

They have never disclosed more information and details about their wedding. Moreover, the couple does not seem to have any children together.

Danny Fenster’s wife, Juliana Silva, is a selfless lady, and this can be seen through her support of the campaign that was going on to get her husband released from prison in Myanmar. Before his arrest, Danny was supposed to meet his family in Detroit but could not make it.

Juliana had to fly to Myanmar to be with her husband and offer assistance where she would be able. This just shows how loving and caring she is.

Danny Fenster’s Past Relationships

Danny Fester rarely talks about his former relationships. However, he had never been engaged nor married in the past years before he met his current wife, Juliana Silver.

He is very secretive about his dating life and history. No one has ever claimed whether they were in a relationship with Danny Fester.

It, however, may not be wrong to assume that he had at least one previous relationship in his teenage years or perhaps in his early adult life. Currently, we are still hopeful that Danny may reveal information regarding his former relationships at some point in the future.

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