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Danny Amendola is not Married to Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Jean Watts.

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Image of Danny Amendola with his current girlfriend, Jean Watts

Danny Amendola is considered one of American football’s most consistent wide receivers. His love for the sport started when he was still studying and continues to give him success up until today.

His raw skill and potential brought him to play with various teams within the National Football League. He played for many NFL teams, including the Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots, and the Detroit Lions.

Amid the achievements that he saw during his career, he also faced various challenges that made him question the pursuit of his job. These challenges vary but almost always revolve around the central idea of not being able to sign a contract under a confident squad.

Even though he is currently a free agent, this does not stop him from retiring entirely from his first love. The athlete is still hopeful that management will see his potential and allow him to showcase his talent in playing football.

How is the romantic life of American football player Danny Amendola? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Danny Amendola is not Married to a Wife. Dating girlfriend: Jean Watts

Image of Danny Amendola with his current girlfriend, Jean Watts
Danny Amendola with his current girlfriend, Jean Watts

Given the athlete’s huge protruding muscles and statute, it’s no wonder he got a smoking hot girlfriend to be by his side. He is currently in a functional romantic relationship with Jean Watts.

The couple has yet to disclose any information regarding their relationship; however, sources suggest that they have been together since May 2020. This year would mark the 2nd anniversary of their very loving connection.

It is not sure how the two met before, but it would be no surprise that a close connection with other friends and colleagues intertwined their lives.

Jean Watts’s Biography

Danny Amendola’s wife in the future, Jean Watts, is no ordinary woman. She is a multi-talented lady that has slowly built her following over the past few years.

Danny Amendola’s wife in the future is a model, make-up artist, social media influencer, singer, and musician. With an approximate net worth of over 1.5 million U.S dollars, men are lining up to her front door, waiting for her to be single again.

Danny Amendola Past/Previous Relationships

Danny Amendola’s wife in the future is just one of the many strings of lovers that the famous athlete had before.

  1. Talor Reazin
Image of Danny Amendola with his former girlfriend, Talor Reazin
Danny Amendola with his former girlfriend, Talor Reazin

– Thought to be the first romantic partner of the star. Their history does not say much, but looking at her fantastic body and gorgeous face, it’s no wonder he fell in love with her.

  1. Kay Adams

– The former couple dated for a year back in 2015. Although the relationship did not last long, it was not filled with controversy and adverse reports.

She is a sportscaster and known sports commentator and analyst.

  1. Olivia Culpo
Image of Danny Amendola with his ex-girlfriend, Olivia Culpo
Danny Amendola with his ex-girlfriend, Olivia Culpo

– Mr. Amendola has a strong charisma because aside from the beautiful women mentioned above, he even got himself a Miss Universe winner as a girlfriend. They dated after he ended things with Kay, and they lasted for over three years.

  1. Bianca Peters

– It is no surprise that the football star is a playboy, but when the news broke out about his alleged cheating on Olivia with reporter Bianca Peters, netizens were shocked. They were seen spending a flirtatious vacation in Miami when Olivia was still with him.

  1. Emily Tanner

– When you thought that one alleged cheating is enough, you are wrong. After the issue with Bianca subsided, our celebrity here was caught hooking up with a social media personality and model Emily Tanner.

This may be why the former Miss Universe would want to end things with him.

Danny Amendola’s Rumors

Despite the controversial cheating issues that the wide receiver has faced before, there is no recent news about him going off-track again with Jean. As many fans wish, we all hope that he would settle for good with his beautiful girlfriend.

Danny Amendola’s wife in the future is not looking at any supposed affairs anytime soon. Fortunately for her, maybe that part of the star’s life is over, and he is ready to be a responsible and loyal man.

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